Popular Halloween Costumes 2012

Halloween season is up and we can see the fever getting high. People have already started shopping. Are you done with yours? If not, get it done now. Pick out the costume that you would love to wear to the party. Get the heads turning with the most popular Halloween costumes of the year. Do not leave a chance to get disheartened when you see everyone wearing the latest trends in the party. Get yourself updated with what is in for 2012.
Here is a list of the top 10 costumes that people in and around the country have voted to be the best Halloween costumes. You can get theme costumes for you and your entire family. These costumes ideas would be useful for you to pick out the best costumes for men, women, teens and kids.

Bird (Sesame Street) - The cartoon show that had been an all-time favorite for kids is now a trend for the grown-ups as well. Topping the popular trends list, the Bird Bird character from the show Sesame Street is now being opted by men, women and kids. A variation for the costume for women is also available. This comes out to be a sassy girl costume.

Pirate – Sure you wish to rule the party, do it in style this Halloween. We all knew that sailors and pirates existed, but they came out of their ships into the real world with the movie ‘Pirates of Caribbean’. The characters of the movie helped the theme get an entry into the top popular costumes for Halloween. These costumes are available for men, women  teens,  kids  and girls 

Zombie - Halloween is generally taken to be a festival of horror. People tend to dress up in costumes that make them look scary. Among the most popular Halloween costumes is the Zombie theme. A perfect Zombie family would consist of members including  men, women, teens and kids (girl and boy).

Spider-Man - Enter the party like a super family in these superhero costume. Be a Spiderman this Halloween which is one of the most appreciated Halloween costumes of the year. Get the male, female, boy teen, girl teen and kids’ Spiderman costumes for you and your family. Dressing up like the superhero would also make you feel like one.

Snow White and the Huntsman – At the 5th place, we have the costumes for Snow White and Huntsman for Halloween party 2012. Be admired by everyone by wearing these costumes. You will find a variant for yourself as they come in various sizes for men, women, girl teen, boy teen, kids and infants. You may also want to pick them up as a theme for your entire family.

Witch, Devil and Vampire  – As mentioned earlier, it’s all about being scary on Halloween. Witches with their brooms and cauldrons, devils with their wicked smile and horns and vampires with their blood dripping fangs are just so ideal for a theme party on Halloween. You can pick out your own costume depending upon your choice and if you are a male, a female, a teen, a girl child (witch or vamp), a boy child or an infant 

Angel and Devil – You may want to show your true self is you are good or bad or, maybe present yourself in a different manner this year. Out of the many themes that are popular, one is that of an Angel and Devil. You may also become both at the same time. We have costumes that can help you dress up half as an angel and the other half as a devil. You can opt to become an angel (kid, teen and adult woman) devil (female and male) or dual (infant  and toddler).

TV, Movie and Hollywood Theme - Everyone loves the stars on the big screen and desire to look like them. Here is a chance to look like the TV and movie characters this Halloween. Get into the costumes that are appreciated by most of the people for the party. We have a costume exclusively for you if you are a girl child, male child, male teen, girl teen, an adult male or an adult girl.

Animals and Bugs - We all love animals and it is funny when someone walks in an animal costume through a party. This would be great if the theme suggests so or you wish to be a center of attraction as everyone would definitely turn their heads to grab a look from top to bottom. A child  (boy or girl), a teen (girl or boy)  and an adult (female or male)  can get into animal and bug costumes of their choice.

Katy Perry – None of us is unaware of the very famous Katy Perry who has made us move with her singing. We found so many people who were impressed by her way of dressing up and would love to look like her. You have options if you are a child  or an adult You can find variants of this costume such as the Friday Night costume the Whipped Cream costume  and the California Girl costume.

You may find all these costumes for different age groups and in various sizes. They are also available in plus size. Do not forget to combine the costume with related costume accessories, hats, wigs and masks.