Unique and Unusual Gifts Ideas

By giving gifts we not only explain our feeling but also it is the best way to feel special our dear ones. I am sharing my 2 personal experiences. Actually, not experience. It is my memorable moments. Gifts always memorable but if we get the gift which we need the most will always remain in our heart. Last year my brother’s friend invited him for a Halloween party. It was a theme party and my brother has to dress up as a magician. Luckily we found brother old black suit but he don’t have the hat which complete his costume. He was sad as he don’t have enough money to buy it (due to limited pocket money, he has to make his budget for party and all other things).  I decided to gift him a hat. I count my savings and fortunately, I have enough money to buy a hat. When I gifted my brother that hat, he was very happy and hugged me for thank you.

Friend’s means forever. But sometime we have to separate. It was the time when I and my best friend have to separate. Actually she is going for her higher studies. I decided to say her goodbye in different style so that she remembers this forever. I select my room for the venue. I decorate the room with balloons and also attach the pictures of her and mine with the balloons. I gifted her princess’s dress as once she told me that she had a great desire to be as a princess at least for one day. She wears that princess’s dress and also the tiara. We clicked the pictures and cut the goodbye cake. When she saw the pictures on the balloons, she got tears in her eyes. She thank you me for the gift and told me that I fulfill her dream.

There is no special time to gift your loved ones. If you want to express your love and regards then do not wait and gift your dear ones. Therefore, I suggest you all to gift the things which your loved ones need and like the most. By this you can make space in there hearts... :)