Ultimate Bridal Shower Planning Checklist

Celebrating Bridal shower is a fun and warm way to commemorate a friend or family member’s upcoming marriage.  For a girl every wedding bit and preparations is momentous.  A proper planning and a little bit creativity make the function memorable.

The most important thing is our budget. Therefore, plan everything   and reduce the stress. Firstly, select the theme for Bridal shower. As once the theme decided then all other things will automatically clear.  And yes the theme you select for the Bridal Shower can affect the menu. It will be great if we get bride opinion about the bridal shower. It will diminish the confusions and worries.  As it’s her day so the party theme and place should according to bride choice or personality.

Once the theme selected then the next step is decoration. It is not an everyday celebration. Your decoration should be according to the theme. Like if the theme is beach then you may add boats, conch, seashells and huts to your decoration. OR if you selected any other theme then use curtains, table cloths and all other decorative things according to your  theme.

Next is to make your guest list so that you will not miss your dear ones. Please be sure that peoples who invited in bridal shower should also invited on wedding. Now the first impersonation is with your invitation way. Here you can use your creativity. Create your invitations cards according to your party theme.  Mention "No gifts" on the invitation if the bride does not want gifts and if she want gift then you may create a theme around the gifts she most needs.

By introducing your guest, you will be closer to them. Your guest feels more humble if you introduce them in the bridal shower. It will show your regard and affection for them. For fun you may introduce them with there nick names.

Now the major part is food.  Bridal shower is all about having fun and entertainment. At the end of every party people remember food.  Impress guests with delicious food.  Please match the food menu and the bridal shower theme. Like if you have selected color theme then pick the food that match the theme color. Don’t waste your time to make a complete menu that match your theme but you may just add a twist of your creativity on each dish to make it equivalent. You may add alcohols but remember all according to your guest convenience.

Yes, we can not ignore music. It will relax and cheer up the mood of your guests. Add bridal favorite songs. For more entertainment you may add games to your party. Game is the best way to bring people together.  It will make a bond between the guests.

At the end, a thank you from the guest of honor is always appreciated. Say thank you to your entire guest before ending of the party. You may ask them to write there good wishes on a notebook (guestbook) for you. This will always with the bride as the sweet memory of her Bridal Shower.