Do And Donts Of Halloween

The weirdest thing I have seen is people eating candy and chocolates with wrappers. They eat it along with the wrappers. This to me is a foolish thing to do. People do it to look funny. But it will affect their heath and they will suffer from health problems later on. There could be some serious consequences of it. We should avoid doing it. Never indulge in this practice.

The second things I have seen is a person wearing the same dress is of others do. Do not wear the identical dress as others are wearing. It looks very odd and funny. You should avoid it. Instead wear a unique dress so that you can get noticed in the Halloween party. You can get prepared for the unique dress in advance so that you do not have any difficulty at the last moment. So get prepared in advance.

Do not dye your hear in permanent color as later on it would be difficult to remove the color as lot of people do. They dye their hair in black or green color and later have difficulty in removing the color. Instead use some good colors that can be easily removed. Other wise you have to harm your hair and skin also. So avoid coloring your hair and skin.

People also tear their clothes and T-shirts and put talcum powder on it. It again looks weird and it is an old and boring idea to do so. They feel and think that they look like a Zombie.  

Some people just sit in a corner and see what others are doing in the Party. It is also not acceptable. You should join them and enjoy the party instead of sitting like a dumbo.

Do not be a guy trying to scare everyone in the party. As after some time people will not notice you and see you as a boring personality. If you really want to do it. Just do it once in a while. Do not try to over indulge it. 

Do not try to pick fruits from the basket without using your hands. I have seen people trying to pick fruits from the basket with mouth without using their hands. Especially, when the fruits are dipped in water. Believe me it is not a fun. But it will make you gasping for breath.

Do not try to be a whore by wearing very little. It does not look good. Do not try The Halloween as an opportunity to wear little. 

The last point which makes me mad is when people ask their friends that how he was looking the previous day. It means that the person does not know what he was doing the last night. So do not drink so much that you do not remember next day what had happened in the party.

Please check the candy’s which are giving to the kids for there “Trick  or Treat”. As some peoples give weird things that can be harmful for kids. Halloween  is for fun and enjoy not to harm others.