Renaissance Festival Costume Ideas

According to Wikipedia, “A Renaissance fair, Renaissance faire, or Renaissance festival is an outdoor weekend gathering, usually held in the United States, open to the public and typically commercial in nature, which emulates a historic period for the amusement of its guests. Renaissance fairs generally include an abundance of costumed entertainers or fair-goers, musical and theatrical acts, art and handicrafts for sale, and festival food. Many Renaissance fairs were set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I of England. Some were set earlier, during the reign of Henry VIII, or in other countries, such as France, and some were set outside the era of the Renaissance; these may include earlier Medieval periods (including Vikings), or later periods, such as 17th-18th Century pirates. Some engage in deliberate "time travel" by encouraging participants to wear costumes representing several eras in a broad time period. Renaissance fairs encourage visitors to enter into the spirit of things with costumes and audience participation.”
But for us, Renaissance festival is about getting dressed up in historical costumes, visiting fairs and get together, buying antique products for our home and gifting and enjoying the day in and out. Since history contains a lot of traditions, eras and places, it often becomes difficult to select the kind of costume we would like to wear on the festival. Here is a list of a few categories that you might want to pick out. The options available are for women, men, kids – boys  and girls and teens – boys and girls.

Toga Costumes

Get drowned in the Roman culture with the Toga costume. It was a 20 ft (6 m) woolen cloth used by the Roman citizens to wrap around their bodies over a linen tunic. Pretty, simple and clean is what it would make you look like when you get into this attire for this Renaissance festival. We have one for you if you are a woman, a man or a teen.

Greek Costumes

The rich Greek culture has a lot to provide you with. Become a part of the Greek tradition by dressing up like Greek Goddess, Greek men, teens and kids. These would make you stand out in the crowd. These costumes would make you look serene yet elegant.

Roman Costumes
Let the Roman Gods and Goddesses shower their blessings on you at the Renaissance festival. The Roman clothing would give you the much desired royal appearance. Romans strongly believed that their clothing gave an instant hint on the social status of the person they are meeting. So, for this fair, you can think of becoming a Roman Goddess, a Roman God, Julius Caesar, Maiden of Verona or a Roman Gladiator.

Colonial Costumes

Various countries have experienced the colonial rule in the history. The mere sight of an Army General walking past you in a gathering can take you back in time to the colonial era. We have seen the pretty Ladies in waiting, the Colonial Generals, the Queens and the Army kids in the past. You might just want to experience all of it once again.

Tavern Costumes

A tavern has always been the most cherished place for everyone as we have seen in the history. We have a specific image for the tavern women and the tavern men in our minds which ranges back into medieval period. If you are fond of the tavern style, then these costumes would be perfect for you.

Native / Tribal Costumes
If the wild allures you, then becoming a tribal or native person for this Renaissance festival would perfectly display your preferences. A wild and native lady, an Indian warrior man, an Indian Princess  or a little warrior kid, either of these can fit into your frame of choice. All, that one would be able to say when they see you dressed up in these costumes, would be “Be wild and be different”.

Viking Costumes

If your characteristics point towards being an expedite, explorer and a warrior then becoming a Viking would be all that is required to get you into the most apt form of appearance. Whether you are a woman, a man or a kid, we have a Viking costume for you to suit your needs.

Medieval/ Renaissance Costumes
Get back into the medieval/renaissance period with these amazing costumes. Amongst the various choices, you may pick on either becoming a Renaissance Nymph, a Medieval guy or a Little Medieval Hero. These would make you look different than the rest in the Renaissance festival. Get closely related to the theme by getting such an appearance when you look around in the fair to see products from the same era.

Knight Costumes

A knight or a warrior gives you the courage to fight the world for what is yours. Let this spirit be revealed in the way you dress up at this Renaissance festival. Walk with confidence and you will see people making way for you in the fair. We have Knight Women costume, Scorpion Warrior Costume, Warrior Teen Costume and Knight Toddler Costume among the various others of similar kinds.

Pirate Costumes

Pirates have been the favorite of many people in terms of their dressing style and their evil style. The effect grew manifolds with the release of the movie “Pirates of Caribbean”. Since then, the women,  men, the teens and the kids, all have been aspiring to look like pirates. The Renaissance festival gives you a chance to show your desire in the most appropriate way.

With all these choices available in different sizes for various age groups and gender, getting ready for this amazing festival would become even more exciting. So get hands on the costumes of your choice before you find that someone has already thought about idea. The earlier you decide, the chances are that your pick would be more unique as none in your family and circle would think of repeating your idea. Enjoy the festival!