10 Theme party costumes specially designed for Plus Size people!

1. Dark Red Riding Hood Plus Size Adult Costume

2. Disney Princesses Ursula Adult Plus Costume

3. Vampiress Of Versailles Adult Plus Costume

4. Popeye Adult Plus Costume

5. Tooth Fairy Adult Plus Costume

6. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Donatello Adult Plus Dress

7. Lady Liberty Elite Collection Adult Plus Costume

8. Universal Studios Monsters Frankenstein Adult Plus Costume

9. Queen of Thrones Adult Plus Costume

10. Round 'em Up Adult Plus Costume

10 peculiar Halloween lights and candles that you would have never seen before!

1. Skull Disco Ball

2. Smoking Cauldron

3. Spooky Flashing Eyes

4. Indiana Jones - Color Changing Crystal Skull

5. Skull Candle Holder with Candle

6. Bleeding Taper Candles

7. Color Changing Skull Fogger

8. Zombie Arm Lantern

9. Ghost Pathway Lights

10. Light Up Gothic Skull Fence