Monday, July 21, 2014

Frankenstein Day Costume Ideas

National Frankenstein day is celebrated on August 30 in honor of author Mary Shelley. People of various countries celebrate the holiday dressing up to just look like Frankenstein the monster. Frankenstein, a young scientist, and his assistant Fritz, a hunchback, piece together a human body, the parts of which have been collected from various sources. However, shortly after making the man, he loses the beauty of his dream and is filled with disgust and horror at his creation - Frankenstein's monster.

When you think of dressing up as a Frankenstein monster, the image comes to mind is a ugly creation in a dark black suit with broad shoulders and green colored skin, silver bolts around both sides of neck. While the costumes are for celebrating Frankenstein Day but it is considered as a classic for Halloween.

We have assembled some costumes which will make your  celebration a frightful fun!!


Also include these boots to complete the look!

The Frankenstein bride costume is personal favorite of all women either they are dressing up for Halloween or any other scary theme event 
Pair it with shoes- 

Another alternative for Wig-

Kid's Corner - 

The make up for every Frankenstein themed costume is very crucial as you meant to look like you came from a grave. Using pale green make up and black eye shadows will be great!

Stay tune for more costume ideas!

Monday, July 14, 2014

National Dog Day Party ideas

If you adore your lovely loyal pets so much then celebrating National dog Day is a great idea. Pet owners can find all types of pet attire which your pet will love to wear. Honor your best friends on National Dog day, which is celebrated on 26th August. We have collection of Pet costumes for all other events as well. It's important to remember that the costumes you select for your pet must be apt and comfortable.
Some fun ideas of dressing up your pet includes- 

Bow tie and hats looks appealing and it can also be used for other pets as well. Another idea is Flower crown, wrap the crown around their neck. Some dog costumes are even based on some particular themes, like it may be from TV Movie, superhero, animal & bug theme pet costumes.



More than clothes your dogs would like to eat their favorite food. You can arrange some bones, eggs and dog-food. Include treats and toys and make it remarkable for everyone including you and your dogs as well.

Have fun with your pets on National Dog day by dressing them in cute and safe outfit!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

National Aviation Day Party ideas

Established by  Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1939 as the anniversary of Orville Wright's birthday, 19 August is observed as National Aviation Day. This day celebrates the development of aviation. Its encourages citizens to observe the day with activities that promote interest in aviation. Celebrate national Aviation Day with our range of costumes. Feel the pride donning these costumes of Air Force.

Kids Costume

Kids love costume. Encouraging them towards aviation activities with the help of costumes is a nice and an innovative way.


Adult Costumes

Who said costumes are only for kids. Celebrate National Aviation Day with various costumes related to army and air force.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

National Mustard Day Costume Ideas

Celebrated on the first Saturday of August at National Mustard Museum, National Mustard Day is a fulfilled day for the whole family. Every one attends this event dressed up in various food related costumes like hotdog, mustard bottles and more. Along with food there are various fun activities that can be done by the family. This event includes free hotdogs, mustard samples, games, music and other entertainment sources. Every year National Mustard Museum sponsors this event and with the help of 40000 enthusiastic participants, they raise a lot of money for charity. It is your chance to be a part of a fun filled noble cause. Tickle your brains and dress up as unique as you can. To help you out we have some costumes lined up for you.

Mustard Costume

Mustard is the heart of the event. Dressing in the iconic Mustard costume for this event is a must. Try out our Mustard Costumes for you and you family.


HotDog Costumes

Hotdogs and Mustard go hand in hand. Hotdog is incomplete without Mustard, the same way Mustard day is incomplete with out hotdog costumes.



Sunday, June 22, 2014

Parents Day Party ideas

Planning to throw a surprise party for your Parents? Looking for new ideas? Then get some spectacular ideas which can help you plan unforgettable get together. Parent’s day is held on every fourth Sunday of July. On this day we gather to show appreciation for our hardworking parents who work 24/7 to provide their kids everything they want. 
Other than the costumes there’s something more that sometime becomes mandatory to include if you are throwing a big bash. Yes, I am talking about the party supplies or decors which will go perfectly with the theme.
You can select one theme that compliments your party well. You can select some elegant colors like golden, white or silver. The best way is to consider your Parent’s likes and interests. Save your pocket money for the surprise party, bring back the old memories by giving them a collage of family clicks. Prepare some food for them too, we are sure your Parent’s will love you for this.

Here we are giving you one idea for celebrating Parent’s Day. If you want it to be simple and eye-pleasing then this theme is perfect. This black and white combo is the way to go!!

Decoration Items- 




Tableware - 





Gift Wrapping Ideas- 




According to a famous saying - “One of the greatest titles in the world is parent and one of the biggest blessings in the world is to have someone to call mom and dad”. So, on this auspicious occasion, give them the gift which they cherish for lifetime!!

We assure you that your party will be a successful bash with these party ideas. We will be glad if we can help!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Celebrate Greek... Greek themed costume ideas

A Greek party theme is indeed a good choice for many occasions which include birthdays, anniversaries or other themed parties. Greek costumes are one idea that is surely very popular since ages. The ancient Greeks were a deeply religious people and they worshiped many Gods which they believe appear in human form. Inspired from Greek theme here are some costumes that will suit your theme perfectly and obviously some party ideas.
Here are some picks for Celebrating Greek culture!


Make your entry in this super stylish and elegant Goddess costume. The costume comes with the respective accessories headpiece and arm cuffs.

 The greek mother nature costume is a great way to make everyone think about going green. This costume perfectly fit for your Halloween as well.


 If you like dressing up in a different way then being Medusa is the best alternative. In Greek mythology Medusa was a monster generally described as having the face of a hideous human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair.

Toga is the most perfect costume for celebrating Greek culture. Accessorize your toga ensemble with golden sandals and headpiece. You can even make a wreath of golden colored leaves as a crown.

Tip for ladies : 

Use glitter on parts of your body that is not covered by costume. This will help you making your Goddess look more realistic.


Show your dauntless bravery as you walk in!
Includes a polyester tunic, vinyl body armor with attached polyester cape, arm bands, cuffs, leg guards and headpiece

Get ready for the battle in this heroic costume and we are sure you will look spectacular in this Greek divine hero costume.
 Here is another option you can choose from if you are in love with the warrior look.

This mighty emperor is so adorable and the snappiest dressing style out of all.

Accessories :

Without accessories your ensemble will not look attractive. Accessories like wigs, headband, armband and Grecian necklace are some choices you can go with. Golden is the color when it comes to accessories for the Greek themed costumes.

We hope you like the ideas and comment below for your queries! Stay tune for more incredible costume ideas for your all themed parties!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Get home the Alien.. World UFO Day

World UFO Day encourages UFO believers to begin the alien party, wear alien T-shirts, eat alien faces cupcakes, watch the skies and try to spot strange flying objects simply, watch alien and UFO movies together.
World UFO Day is an awareness day, when people are invited to get together and watch the skies for unidentified flying objects. The day is celebrated by some on June 24, and others on July 2. The cool way to celebrate World UFO day is inviting all your friends and making it an Alien party. While some alien costumes are made to appear friendly but some of the costumes are scary enough. Get the costumes depending upon what you like!



If you believe in extraterrestrial life then here comes the reason to dress up like aliens. Here are some costumes listed below to help you out.
We listed some tips for your alien costumes but If you want to make it simpler then the costume available are helpful indeed. These are some costumes from the star wars theme!

Some tips :-
Choose colors for your costumes, you might choose grey or blue, no worries they will work.
Decide what type of alien you want to be. If you want a replica of Katy perry alien style in futuristic lover then see the costume from every angle and try to achieve the look. We think her make up extra-ordinary.


Inspired by toy story this costume is perfect for your kid.


Accessories :

Accessorizing in a right manner always helps a costume to look even more realistic.  If you want to give your costume a realistic touch then these accessories are here for you. Wearing an alien mask can even give you a lot.


Make up is the crucial step, if you do the right make up then we are sure you will justify the theme whatever it is. Color your face and skin with stage makeup that matches your costume.

Celebrate World UFO day and Live Extraterrestrial life for a day!! I hope you like the ideas and comment if you have any queries.