These Mind Boggling Gothic Theme Costumes Will Haunt Everybody This Halloween!

Yes, Halloween is finally here. It's time to trick or ask people for treats. You can try out all your weird costume ideas for the occasion. After all, it comes once a year. So why not go all out and give those stored up ideas a hefty shot? 

After all, the biggest prankster needs to prepare well ahead in advance. And he needs to have his costume and props ready for freaking out others on the Halloween night of 2017. Partybell has loads of options to choose from. 

Here are five trending Gothic theme dresses which nail the spooky effect.

Elite Ghost Lady Costume

Partybell has a varied array of Ghost theme costumes for Halloween for women. If you want to look at your best, choose the elite ghost lady costume. She looks quite classy and elegant. Only if she wasn't dead, she would have been ideal for the ball. This costume is one of the most popular dresses in the category. This classy gown set comes complete with a petticoat. With the right make up, you could make the toughest persons wail right before you.

Boo! Did she scare you?
 Elite Ghost Lady Costume

Victorian Vampire Costume 

It's cool to look like a vampire for Halloween. Even Hollywood is crazy with the idea of Vampires. The blood thirsty fiends have a penchant for fame and are they popular. The style and the poise come packed with a touch of pure evil. If you are lucky enough, you could enchant your prey with your look. Hope adorning this dress wouldn't make you blood thirsty as well.

 Victorian Vampire Adult Costume

Elite Witch Costume 

No this is not the nice looking witches from Harry Potter. This is something on the lines of Bellatrix Lestrange. With a pointed hat on the head, the witch put all sort of profane things in the cauldron to brew a toxic potion. The look is extremely authentic and can send shivers down the spine of party revelers. 
With this costume on, Hocus Pocus is all you need to say and Zap ...

 Elite Witch Costumes

Sexy Chucky Costume For Halloween

Now this one is an absolute fave o' mine. Not only do you look sexy, you can even send chills with this outfit. Don this costume and get ready for the killer rampage. A lot of hearts will be ripped to shreds. Don't forget to take the kitchen knife with you. It would be the icing on the cake.I

 Sexy Chucky Outfit

Miss Edward Scissorhands Costume 

Johnny Depp looked cool and otherworldly in the get up. So would you. This is a stunner and Partybell is where you will find it. All the eyes will be in your direction, if you wear it to your Halloween party. Have a look at it, don't you think it is innocently sinister?
 Miss Edward Scissorhands Outfit

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