Trendy Costume Ideas For Pets for Thanksgiving

 costumeIf you are buying something for everybody this Thanksgiving , then you need to buy a gift for your pet as well. Why? That's because he deserves it. For being your loyal companion, he has earned it.

Moreover, Thanksgiving is an occasion for spreading joy and warmth. So why should it be limited to humans only? Our pets form an integral part of our lives. They also have a right to share our joys.

So, why not gift theme some themed costumes. Partybell has a lot of choices to select from. Here are five cute and trending costume ideas for your cuddly one -

Tootsie Roll Dog Costume


Make your sweetie pie look like a sweet candy with this Tootsie roll dog costume. This costume contains a tootsie tunic. Your Thanksgiving will be certainly full of sugar. 

Lion Pet Costume

 lion costume

Man, this one is a bit scary. Let your pet run wild with this adornment. This set includes a plush mane headpiece.

Where's Waldo Woof Pet Costume 

 Where's Waldo Woof Pet Costume

If you are a fan of Where's Waldo, then this one is for you. Give your dog a wacky attire. This costume set comes complete with a character bodysuit, hair and a pair of glasses. 

Zelda Hunny Bunny Costume

 Zelda Hunny Bunny Pet Costume

Ain't it looking all cute in pink?  The costume consists of a one-piece attire, headpiece and leg cuffs. This is one of the most popular costumes for pets. 

Robin Pet Costume

 Robin Pet Costume

If somebody is dressed as Batman, then there needs to be as costume for Robin as well. Dress up your dog as Robin and get prepared to fight crime in your backyard. Isn't it a good idea?

So which dress will you be picking this Thanksgiving? 

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