All-Theme Standups For Every A Perfect Halloween Decoration


Halloween Shopping is in swing. We all are already on a hunt for new ideas and creatives for costumes and party supplies.  

About costumes, I'll bring you amazing ideas in my upcoming blogs, right now I'm going to bring you a great idea that can make your Halloween party decorations turn real.

Heard about STANDUPS? 

Not just in fairs, you got to see them and pose a picture with them. PartyBell has standups in all themes in Halloween that can add an attraction to your party. 

Star Wars VII Rey Standup

 star wars

Star Wars fan anyone?

PartyBell has whole range of Star Wars themed standups. Rey, Yoda, Boba, Stormtrooper, Kylo Ren and many many more

Trump & Hillary Stand Ups

 trump hillary

What a Presidential runoff they gave us! 

Superman Standup


Who can miss our favorite superheroes!

PartyBell has life-size standups of Superman and Batman and believe you me, you cannot miss them.


For a spookiest and scariest Halloween party, you've got to add the reapers and skeletons in your party decoration.

PartyBell has a variety of props to choose from. Animated zombies and ghosts, ghouly rats, creepy spiders, witches... just as ferocious and wild as you can be. 

Dig into PartyBell for even more amazing party supplies options for your Halloween party decorations