It's Fiesta Time! Ideas for Cinco De Mayo Costumes and Costume Accessories

Cinco De Mayo, the day synonymous with revelry and consumption of copious amounts of booze is a much-loved holiday of Mexicans and Non-Mexicans alike. It is to the Mexicans what St. Patrick’s Day is to the Irish, which is to say that everyone gets to party! What started out as a day to celebrate the historic victory of the underdog Mexican army against the French forces, at the Battle of Puebla, has become a celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. The day holds special meaning in the hearts of the Mexicans, even though the historical significance may have faded from public memory. In the United States, Cinco De Mayo is celebrated with lots of vigor and enthusiasm by the Hispanic population, although it is generally considered to be a 'party for all'!

The 'Party for All' includes lots of parties and parades and pretty much everything that showcases the vibrant Mexican culture. When we say parties, we're not talking about the simple ones; we're talking about full-on costume parties that make sure you don’t forget the Mexican connection. So, if any of you are planning to take part in a Cinco De Mayo parade or party, there are a lot of outfits to choose from. We've a whole range of Cinco De Mayo Costumes and Costume Accessories, available for adults and children. Let's take a look at the costumes for adults first.

Cinco De Mayo Women's Costumes

Mexican women are know for their flowing robes and dresses and it is a great look to go for. Dressing up like a true senorita in colors of red and black or going for the iconic Zorro, the list is endless. For the more adventurous women, there are the options of dressing up as a matador or even a Bandida.

Lady Zorro Costume


Who can forget the Antonio Banderas starrer, 'The Mask of Zorro'? The Mexican Robin Hood, Zorro fought on the behalf of the poor peasants and commoners. Now, there may not have been a female Zorro but that is no reason to stop you from dressing like one! If you don't fancy being the damsel in distress, take charge and become a female swashbuckling Zorro!

This costume includes a Top, skirt with waist sash, cape, eyemask and gauntlets. It is also available in Plus Size.

Senorita Costume


Sensual and classy at the same time, this Senorita Costume is a good choice for any Cinco De Mayo celebration. It includes a black velvet gown with layered red satin and black lace ruffles, sequin headpiece with black lace mantilla veil and fishnet pantyhose.

Matador Costume


Flaunt your physique in this Sexy Matador Costume. While historically only men have been matadors, today's times call for universal equality, so we say, go for it!

This Costume includes a top, bolero, pants and flower hair clip.

Beautiful Bandida Costume



Inspired by the Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz starrer, 'Bandidas', the notion of a sexy female thief has become quite popular. Sensual and risqué, yet not vulgar, this Bandidas Costume is great for any Cinco De Mayo celebration.

This costume includes a black and gold dress, a harness belt with an attached satin cape, matching gloves, a coordinating hat and a glitter print mask. It is also available in Plus Size.

Sexy Spanish Dress


Spice up any Cinco De Mayo celebration by donning this Sexy Spanish Dress. It includes a versatile stretch bodice dress, layered organza skirt with snap off bottom layer, neckband, hair accessory and garter.

Cinco De Mayo Men's Costumes

Cinco De Mayo is not just about women dancing or singing wearing flowing skirts and dresses, it is also about the men dressing up in full Mexican flavor! From dressing up as the legendary Zorro to a fearful Bandido, the men have a lot of cool costumes to choose from! You can even go for comical costumes like a cute poncho or a taco costume.

Zorro Adult Costume



Antonio Banderas's Zorro was a mere mortal who rose above and beyond to help the poor and he did not even have any superpowers (not even the cool gadgets of Batman!) and it is this humanness  that  makes him a beloved movie character. If you go for this cool Zorro Costume, rest assured that the compliments will follow.

This costume includes a black shirt, pants with attached boot tops, cape, decorative belt, and headpiece with eye mask.

Mexican Poncho Costume


Ponchos are traditional to the South American population and are especially popular among the Hispanic people. So, is it any surprise that a Poncho Costume would make an ideal Cinco De Mayo Costume?
This costume includes only the poncho.

Bandido Costume


Bandidos or simply bandits were thieves and outlaws feared by all; they had their run when the government and law structure was not that strong in the Mexican and South American countries. Times have changed and now they have become part of the folklore, thus making them great costume choices for Cinco De Mayo.

This Bandido Costume includes a shirt, cape, belt, gloves, hat, eye mask, and toy fencing sword. It also comes in Plus Size.

Taco Costume


Mexican food has made an impact globally, the spicy flavor and unique taste guaranteeing it a place on most menus. Mexican restaurants have cropped up everywhere and by no surprise, there most in-demand product is the taco. Tacos have become the single most popular Mexican dish and as such, they deserve their rightful place at any celebration of Mexican culture and heritage. Moreover, a taco costume is a full proof way to bring a smile on the faces of all!

This costume includes a one-piece bodysuit.

Cinco De Mayo Kids' Costumes

Cinco De Mayo is a festival to be celebrated with family and close friends. If you are lucky to have children, then make sure that they don't feel left out; make them a part of the celebrations. If mommy and daddy are dressing up, so should the kids!
You can choose from a variety of Kid Costumes, available for both boys and girls.

Flamenco Dancer Girl Costume


Flamenco, the most popular Spanish dance is known for the beautiful attires worn by the dancers. This Flamenco Dancer Costume is a great choice for Cinco De Mayo and the red/black color combination will suit your little princess perfectly.
This costume includes the dress and headpiece.

Matador Girl Costume



In hues of red and black, this Matador Costume is sooo pretty that your little girl will absolutely love it. It even comes with its own cape, so she can play around with it.

This costume includes a jacket with cape, tank top, and pants.

Zorro Boy Costume



Coming to the boys now, this Zorro Costume will make your little boy jump up in joy. After all, which little boy doesn't like dressing up a masked vigilante?

This costume includes a black shirt, pants with attached boot tops, cape, belt, and bandanna with eye mask.

Taco Child Costume



How cute it would look if both father and son dressed up in taco costumes? Big taco and little taco are sure to put a smile on even the most cynical of faces.

This costume includes only the tunic.

Cinco De Mayo Costume Accessories

Costume Accessories can transform even the simplest of costumes and make them that much better. For Cinco De Mayo, we've a range of costume accessories available that includes shoes, hats and much more.

Senorita Heels


A pair of dark red and black heels to compliment your Senorita Dress. These heels boast of a beautiful flower ornament on each heel. Sensual and classy, these are the perfect accessories to a perfect dress.



Pair this Sombrero with your Mexican Poncho and transform yourself into a complete Mexican! This Sombrero is great as it protects you from the sun as well, a rather useful feature if you're thinking of taking part in a parade!

Zorro Bullwhip


Who can forget Zorro's favorite weapon, the bullwhip that he used so cunningly against his enemies?  This bullwhip will be the perfect accessory to your Zorro Costume.

The whip has an on/off switch for making a snapping sound and boasts of an injection-molded handle.

With all this great information at hand (just kidding!), you should be able to decide on the costumes to go for. At the very least, it should give you an idea of the kind of costumes available and the various looks to go for. For a further list of costumes or accessories, you should check out our Cinco De Mayo Page. Wishing you a very joyous and eventful Cinco De Mayo!