Top 20 Popular Adult Scary Costumes for Halloween 2016


The enchanting stories of this and the 'other' world have always been awe-inspiring. No matter how much we are scared of the unknown world, we still want to hear more about it! Halloween is believed to be the time when the boundaries that separate the two worlds become dissipate and the departed souls come to visit their loved ones. And, it's no time to mourn, but celebrate and throw a party in their honor. Let them know they are not the only scary here.

On the basis of our store, PartyBell's research, the top 20 trending costumes for Halloween 2016 are:

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1. Victorian Age Ghost 


The faded and tattered look of the costume add to its creepiness. It includes the skirt, top and hat. Available on 53% discount at a price $58.03

2. Sultry Sorceress 


The bright purple dress with sheer black shredded top layer and a matching hat surely add a spooky charm to the sorceress that you turn into. The eyeball medallion and eyeball hand accessory are included in the costume. Available on 52% discount at a price $30.54

3. Ghost Pirate


Piracy is a crime, but this Halloween who cares? No rules we know nor any laws. 
This costume has a bone shirt with front vest, jacket, pants, belt 3/4 length bone arms/gloves, creepy skeleton mask and the pirate hat. Available on 30% discount at a price $58.98

4. Grim Reaper


The costume has a polyester robe with hood and extra large flared sleeves. The skull mask makes it all the more frightening.  Available on 30% discount at a price $58.98

5. Jack Skellington

 Jack Skellington

The costume is an officially Disney licensed costume. It includes the signature Jack Skellington jacket, ascot and the distinctive bow tie. The mask is the 'cherry on top' of this costume.  Available on 50% discount at a price $42.05

6. Scarecrow Costume


The scarecrow costume includes shirt, gloves, belt and mask with hood.  Available on 49% discount at a price $36.09

7. Bird Attack Costume

 bird attack

The costume includes a blood stained torn top and skirt. Also, five birds are part of the costume that you can pin on the costume wherever you like. Available on 53% discount at a price $27.67

8. Headless Man

 headless man

The costume is enough to send chills down anyone's spine. The harness and robe are included in the costume. Available on 50% discount at a price $25.74

9. Salem Witch


Includes dress, apron, collar, hat and sculpted noose. Available on 53% discount at a price $31.72

10. Voodoo Dolly


The costume includes the dress, printed panty hose and a novelty pin. Available on 53% discount at a price $31.72

11. Zombie Costume


The 3D zombie costume is a 'delight' for everyone who 'loves' them. Available on 49% discount at a price $32.90

12. Sharknado Tornado Costume


An officially Sharknado product, the costume includes the ferocious sharks on it. Available on 53% discount at a price $79.43

13. Jeff the Killer


It is a full body spandex suit. Available on 49% discount at a price $42.24

14. Phantom Costume


The costume includes robe, hood, belt, gloves and glasses. Available on 49% discount at a price $27.45

15. Zombie Groom Costume

 zombie groom

The costume includes suit, mask and hair.  Available on 51% discount at a price $45.56

16. Ghostly Bride Costume


The costume includes gown, headpiece and bouquet. Available on 50% discount at a price $58.26

17. Wicked Alice Costume


A spooky twist to the classic fairytale- Alice turns Wicked! The costume includes the dress, arm puffs, necklace and hair-bow. Available on 42% discount at a price $26.10

18. Sexy Chucky Costume


The costume includes top, dress and stockings. Available on 51% discount at a price $31.97

19. Sally Costume 


This is an officially licensed The Nightmare Before Christmas costume. Includes dress, petticoat, glovettes and wig. Available on 53% discount at a price $35.72

20. Vampiress Costume


The vampire costume includes dress, corset with attached peplum and arm drapes. Available on 49% discount at a price $29.96

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