Pokemon GO Themed Costumes and Party Decorations and Party Supplies


Pokemon GO is the new fever that has gone viral this year. It’s mind-blowing as Pokemon world has become one with our real world. The technology is incredible so is the experience. Armed with pokeballs, we are ready to go into dark alleys which we once dreaded as occupied by monsters. Here, we catch our super cute monsters, Pokemons, and fear, what’s that?
Did you know some people have even started hiring trained pokemon go hunters for catching pokemons for them?

When the frenzy has reached to this level, let’s party with our favourite Pokemons, Squirtle, Pikachu, Balbasaur, Charmander, Charizard and many many more.

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1. Pokemon Go Costumes:

Turn your kids into your adorable Pokemon with these kids Pokemon costumes. 

 Pokemon Pikachu



Why should kids have all the fun?

Here are adult Pokemon Go costumes too.

 Pikachu Costume

 Pikachu Jumpsuit

 Pikachu Jumpsuit

2.       Decorate your party with these colorful Pokemon party supplies.

 Party Supplies

 Pokemon Cone Hat

 Pokemon Decoration

 Balloon Bouquet

3.       Let’s make some Pokemon noise.

 Pokemon Mega Mix

 Pokemon Blowout

Celebrations were never so wild and noisy! Have fun.

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