Mardi Gras Costume Ideas 2016

 mardi gras
Its again that time of the year when the streets will be filled with Green, Golden, Purple. Its again the time of the year when you’ll shout “Throw me some more mister”. The time when all you will see is parades and costumes all around. ITS TIME FOR MARDI GRAS.

The three main elements of this festival are Music, Masks and Beads. The thrill and excitement will be surrounding the streets everywhere. As Christmas is for kids, Mardi Gras is for Adults. Costumes are the main focus that can make you the center of attraction.

There are many option available out in market. Before picking up a costume for yourself keep in mind few things like is the party Indoor or outdoor, Is the costume comfortable, do you want to go by the traditional way etc.

If you want to carry on with the classic costumes then you can dress up in Jester costume, King costume, Evil Jester or harlequin costume


Harlequin Costume


Evil Jester Costumes