Let Superheros serve Candies for Halloween

Trick or treating time is almost here. Giving candies to kids is a tradition, why don't we bring in some twist this time. Kids of every age always have a bend towards superheros. With more Superhero movies coming up, the craze is simply accelerating.

It will be interesting to see Captain America or Hulk giving out candies to kids this Halloween. No, we are not asking you to dress up as Hulk or Iron-Man. Let us show you few interesting ideas for how can you make Superheros serve candies to kids.

1) Batman

Batman Candy Bowl Halloween

2) Hulk

Hulk Candy Bowl Halloween

3) Captain America

Captain America Candy Bowl Halloween

4) Spider-Man

Spider Man Candy Bowl Halloween

5) Thor

Thor Candy Bowl Halloween

6) Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon Candy Bowl Halloween

Joker is here......Let the forces of Evil serve a little too ;)

Joker Candy Bowl Halloween

Have fun this Halloween and be unique. :)