Couple Costumes: Make Your Halloween Party the Talk of the Town

Couples Costumes as well as group costumes can be a refreshing and fun way to dress up in any event and for Halloween. Adults also enjoy dressing up for events as much as children do. Halloween is usually the day that people get to dress up, but why not enjoy dressing in Couples Costumes any time? 
Creative couples costumes can help make your party the talk of the town. Show the imaginative you by picking up a costume for yourself and your partner. Here I have assembled some costumes which will be perfect if you are going as a couple.

Some of the couple costumes are –

1) Plug and Socket Costume

Turn each other on and off and give everyone else a big shock in this waggish plug and socket costume. Make a connection and there will be a flow of humor between you two. Make this humor reach everyone. Garner a lot of laughs in all these costumes. More costumes similar to this include Bacon and egg costume, Tacky traveler costume, Mr or Mrs Potato, Adam and Eve. 

2) Sandy and Danny from Grease 

 Get into 50’s theme as it never gets out of style and become more noticeable. If you are going to a Retro Theme party then dressing as Sandy or Grease will make you look sexy for sure. Do not forget to include wigs to complete the ensemble.

3) Peanut butter and Jelly

 If you are a funny person then it is the right time to show your sense of humor in funny couple costumes. Mustard and ketch up, bread and butter are few of the popular costumes related to it. 

4) Batman joker and Harley Quinn

The joker and Harley are the best villain duo. If you are inspired by superheroes then don’t cha think you should try dressing up as super villains. Making an entry in this costume will make everyone’s eyes popped out of their heads. Other costume from superhero includes superman and supergirl, batman and catwoman, batman and wonder women, Spiderman and spider-woman, Elastic girl and Mr. incredible.

5) Super Mario and princess peach

Love playing Games? What if include them in your costumes.  Super Mario and his love interest Peach is a great costume to show love for games. Mortal Kombat costumes, angry birds costumes, Assasins creed costumes are another ways to dress up keeping the gaming theme alive.

6) Alice and Mad-Hatter 

 Last but not the least, another idea is to pick the costume from TV Movie. There are endless options when it comes to TV Movies; Disney Theme, Star Wars themed costumes, superheroes.  As we adore movie characters so much we want to look like the way they are. Princess Leia and han solo, Jessie and Buzz, Pirate themed costumes, Jack and Sally  Smurfette and smurf, Bert and Ernie are another couple costumes inspired by movies. Disney couple costumes include Cindrella and Prince charming, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, Human beast and belle, Aladdin and jasmine.  

There are hundreds of costumes from funny to sexy which can be paired to make couple costumes. Scary couple costumes may include Frankenstein and his bride, gothic vampire costumes, Witches and devil costume. 
If you are organizing the party, I assure you dressing up as a couple and performing together will be a fun and unforgettable experience!!