Planning a Decades Party: Blast from the past

Nowadays theme parties in a great trend. If you want to feel special to a person then always consider the personality of that person before deciding the theme because you want them to feel special on their big day! A Blast from the Past theme can be an entertaining way to celebrate iconic elements of decades past. You can relive some of your own past memories of days gone by or discover a whole new era for the first time.

1930's Party Ideas
The 1930's are considered the Golden Age of Hollywood, so celebrate in style by having a theme-related party. Invite your friends and family to a 1930’s Roll Back the Prices Party. Ask friends to come in 1930’s costumes and provide classic 1930’s snacks and appetizers. Invite guests to dress up as their favorite 1930’s actor or actress and decorate the party room with period movie posters and gold glitter stars. Play a game of Price is Right where you ask guests to guess the actual price of common items in the 1930’s. Winners can receive a period-related prize such as a Duke Ellington CD or a collection of Charlie Chan episodes on DVD. Show your support for the beauty of the 1930's and recreate this mysteriously lovely decade at your Halloween or Cocktail Party! If you can find real antique pieces from the 1930's theme, that is even better. That means that your 1930's theme party would be truly authentic, and no doubt you would want to re-use your party supplies over and over for future parties and holidays.

1940's Party Ideas
Wow! What a fun party theme. This theme is my favorite as I love all the vintage clothes and the style worn by all the guests. The 1940’s are a rich era for party inspiration. Your guests should be encouraged to dress in period if possible in jacket and tie or military uniform for the men's and swing dresses, WAC or Red Cross uniforms, or a smart trouser set for the women, or how about have guests come dressed as a favorite celebrity of that era, or a character from one of the many films that came out during that time. And with the soft 1940's music the party will go great and that would be big fun!

1950’s Party Ideas
The Decade parties are also great ideas for 50th and 60th birthdays. If it is a 50th birthday party, you may plan for a fabulous fifties (1950's) themed party and for a 60th birthday, have a psychedelic sixties party.
 Ask your guests to dress in decade appropriate clothing. For decoration you may use movie posters, guitars, roller skates, vintage home appliances and colors associated with the particular decade. You could even play games like Hula Hoop. The most important aspect of a decade party is the music. You should have mix CD's with songs just from that decade playing. You could even consider having a Karaoke machine with songs from a particular period.

1960’s Party Ideas
The 1960′s represented a time of change, introducing a whole new culture that was centered on taking political action in order to fight for the rights of everyone as well as enjoying the freedom of being an individual. Additionally, the 1960′s began to introduce new ways of eating food by making them convenient, rock n’ roll music was expanding and becoming more accepted and thus popular, and the hippie generation began as everyone celebrated the end of the war and thus focused on the importance of a peaceful nation. Imagine how fun an Accent Wall will be for your guests as they get to view the many highlights of the 1960′s, making it a great addition to a 1960′s party.
Clothing style and the music of the 1960′s era were quite special! The clothes can be a Tie-Dye, Plaid Shirts/Pants, Mini Skirts,
Hot Pants, Velvet Pants, Turtlenecks, A-Line Dresses, Shirt Waist Dresses with Leather Boots, Go-Go Boots, and Patent Leather Heels. Yes the music should be rock n’ roll music. For food and drinks just select the 1960′s menu.