Halloween is a time to shed your skin and play dress up.  It's a time for spooks and scares and trick-or-treat, but most importantly, it's about the funny disguises we get to put on and the different roles we get to play.  Here's a list of the most popular Halloween costumes. Halloween is a holiday event and a most awaited event too .  Many people are talking about who have figured out the costume and who is still thinking.  Are you still thinking don't wait till the last minute here's the solution list of most popular  costumes for Halloween 2013.

Men are too busy to through different varieties of costume but still want the perfect one for them as its the most awaited event for all so here we have done work for you. Here you can have  a look at some popular Halloween costume for adult-men the list have Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Captain Jack Sparrow, Assassin's Creed. No matter you wear the dark knight or the classic Batman, Batman is favorite of all. Captain America-The First Avenger was recently one of biggest block busters and so famous among all. So weather you are one of his admirers or looking for a good avengers costume with a patriotic side just go for Captain America for sure. Spiderman has been one of the most memorable costumes in the comic book history. Spiderman costumes are one of the best choice for Halloween. Spiderman costume in itself have such a vast variety of costumes and admired by all. If you want to be something different then patriotic characters then captain Jack sparrow is the best option to go for. Jack sparrow is a frictional character and most famous pirates around. So set sail on the seven seas with this Jack sparrow  costume!
Girls make this the year you ramp up the sexy quotient of your Halloween costume.  Halloween is all about whichever and whatever you want, weather you want to be classic heroine or go as a super women. If you are looking for ideas check out the top Halloween costumes for Girls! Wonder Women costume is one of the best costumes in which every women look sizzling hot. So if you want to be the star of the party then absolutely you have to be the wonder women. Cat women costume gives sexy dark appeal to you and it is so alluring that too giving you an avenger look, so if you are thinking of witty look at the same time go for cat women costume. Don’t want to go for an avenger look neither for the fairy look and still want a sexy and attractive costume so surely go for adult nurse costume. Which never goes out of the fashion and will be sweet, sexy, attractive, and an eye catcher at the same time. If you believe in fairies and never want to grow old, with her fairy wings and pixie dust Tinkerbelle is the perfect Halloween costume. 

Halloween season an awkward situation for teenagers when they find themselves as too old for kiddy costumes the wore just a year ago, and still too young for the sexy adult costumes at the same time. Finding a costume for them is difficult, but still not impossible. Halloween is all about having fun and displaying your own individuality. Here’s what’s hot among teens this Halloween. Supernatural creatures are making a big comeback. Vampires are today’s rock star and will be likely to be one of that costume you will se most this year on teens. As by the popularity of "Twilight" and "True Blood", as well as other vampire tales, America has fallen under their spell. This is the popular costume among men and women, and can look scary, sexy or both. Who says men get to be the only night “crusader” in your town. Now its time to men take a step aside and watch these women  as they sport this awesome Batgirl costume. Being in a witch costume can also be a good choice for teen girls as this costume is not with so sexy appeal as adult costume do and neither as a Kiddish costume. Cat girl teen costume can be amazing thing, the cute kitty cat costume is trendy, playful, and best for the teen girls!

Halloween present kids many ideas  10% of kids are on Cinderella, snow White or other princess frocks, while other 10% are favoring on Batman Spider man costumes. Power Rangers are also most popular among kids. Wanna dress up your kids as fairy tails princess then go for the cute Cinderella costume. Kids boys always wand to go for super hero costume like Spiderman or Batman on some other goes for the Power Rangers. Best toddle Halloween costume is Monster-Boo Frankenstein toddle costume the costume is too made of so good and soft stuff keeping the sensitive skin of baby in mind, and your baby looks so cute little monster in it!