Ideas for Easter Costumes, Costume Accessories and Party Supplies-Yes your favorite bunny costume is included!

Easter also known as Easter Day or Easter Sunday is approaching and it promises to bring a whirlwind of exciting times. Easter themed parties, egg hunts and Easter parades are some of the things which makes Easter special and something to look forward to. Egg hunts have been and always will be a favorite among the kids and adults can have their share of the fun by taking part in Easter themed parties. Easter parades like all parades are something that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

While as much fun all the aforementioned Easter activities are, they tend to be more enjoyable if you do them, while in costume. Nothing makes children happier than taking part in an egg hunt while dressed up as the Easter bunny. Similarly adults, when planning their Easter parties can go for cute and sometimes a little sexy Easter Costumes. If buying an entire costume is a little bit out of your comfort zone, why not just buy some amazing Easter Costume Accessories that you can then wear with your sweatshirt or dress and your Easter outfit is ready!

Adult Easter Costumes

Who says Easter is just a time for the kids to have a good time? While the sight of fully grown men and women competing with kids to find the most eggs in an egg hunt may be a tad disturbing, there are plenty of Easter parties and parades that will keep the adults satisfied. A costume Easter party is an excellent idea for all the grown-ups to have a merry time and enjoy the holiday spirit.
You can choose from cute bunny suits to sexy bunny outfits that will definitely enliven the party mood.


Unleash your sexy side with this Black Bunny Female Costume. A little more on the seductive side, this outfit won't be appropriate for any family gatherings but for the rest, you will definitely be getting a bunch of compliments. It includes a dress, Vest, Gloves, Neckpiece, and Headband.
This costume is also available in Plus Size.


Naughty and cute, this White Rabbit Female Costume is perfect for any Easter party. The white and red combination with huge red hearts is particular charming. It includes a bodysuit, wrist cuffs, neck ruffle, ears and tail.


Simplicity is key and this is one mantra that all men like! With this cute Easter Bunny Costume, you will definitely make everyone laugh whichever party you go to. It includes a jumpsuit, overhead mask, character hood, gloves, bow tie and vest.


Now if any of you guys do not fancy wearing a complete bunny costume i.e. which covers the head completely, then this Bunny Suit Costume is perfect for you. It features an open face with a comfortable Velcro finish under the chin. It also boasts of super cute pink-lined floppy ears.
This costume includes the bunny suit, mitts and shoe cover.

Kids Easter Costumes

Easter is one of the few holidays including Christmas and Halloween, which truly indulges kids. The excitement of taking part in an egg-hunting contest or an all-kids Easter party, only a child can understand that feeling. So, make sure you do all you can to make this Easter Day the most fun and exciting time for your kid. Take him/her to an egg hunt or an Easter party in costume and let the fun times roll.
You can choose from a whole range of Easter related Kid Costumes, all the way from sweet baby costumes to costumes for toddlers and children.


Very similar to the popular cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, this Easter Bunny Costume will make your adorable tot even more lovable. It includes a bodysuit and hood.


So cute and adorable, this Easter Bunny Dress is perfect for the apple of your eye. She will thank you for finding something 'Eastery enough' yet so pretty. It includes a headband and dress that comprises of a bodysuit and skirt.


Suitable for both boys and girls, this Bunny Suit Costume is ideal for any Easter celebration. Moreover, considering it's open face, it is much more comfortable than a full body suit that kids may find irritating. This costume includes the suit, mitts and shoe covers.

Easter Costume Accessories

Costume accessories have the power to transform a good costume and make it spectacular and Easter Costumes are no exception. Cute rabbit or bunny ears, bunny tails and headbands, the list is endless.


A cute pair of black bunny ears and tail that will go really well with your black bunny costume. You can even pair these bunny accessories with a simple black dress instead of a costume and you are ready to party!


Headband featuring a pair of white/pink bunny ears, great for pairing with any Easter outfit. Now you can channel the Easter Bunny spirit even if you aren't going for a full bunny/rabbit costume.

Easter Party Supplies

Easter offers a good opportunity to get together with friends and family and reconnect. You can celebrate the holiday spirit through something as simple as a dinner party. If you are planning to host a party, you will need a couple to things to create the Easter Party atmosphere.
Simple decorations like a cake decoration or Easter themed dinnerware can help in ushering in the holiday spirit.

A cute Brown Bunny Cake Decoration that will definitely add the Easter touch to your favorite dessert.


What would Easter be without the multitude of beautifully decorated eggs stashed in very corner of the house? To help you create those pretty egg decorations, we have this Egg Decorating Kit that includes:
5 egg dye tablets, 1 sheet of assorted egg tattoos, 1 sheet of egg wraps, 1 egg dropper, 1 popsicle stick and instructions.


If you are throwing an Easter bash at home, then you need to have this Easter Eggs Party Pack. Pack for 8 includes: (8) dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, (16) lunch napkins, and solid-color tablecover. Pack for 16 includes: (16) dinner plates, dessert plates, cups, forks, spoons, knives, (32) lunch napkins, and solid-color tablecover.


Show your neighbors how to truly celebrate the Easter spirit; simply hang this Happy Easter Sign on your door or somewhere where it can be seen in its full glory. It measures approximately 10.5" wide x 6.75" high.

This concludes our list of things that one requires to make for a memorable Easter Day. Take your pick of the products that catch your fancy. Alternatively you can visit the Easter Day page of our website and choose the products you like. Happy Easter to everyone!