Go Green Or Go Back! Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day Costumes & Costume Accessories

Green shamrocks, basically green everything, Saint Patrick’s Day is on its way. On March 17th, amidst the splashes of green tinged hats and clothes, you can look forward to some exciting parades and wild parties. Booze will flow like water or more specifically beer will flow like water, although we are in no way encouraging over-drinking!

If you are planning to take part in a parade or simply attend a St. Patrick’s Day costume party, you will need to have some super-awesome outfits and the accessories to go along with them. No need to worry for this is what we are here for.  Simply go through our list of the best costumes and costume accessories and pick the ones, which catch your fancy.  You can then look forward to a Saint Patrick’s Day that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

While you’re at it, why not deck your house with some amazing St. Patrick’s Day Decorations and truly bring in the holiday spirit. With our range of decorations and party supplies, you or more specifically your house will be the envy of all the neighbors! That said, lets begin with our range of exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Adult Costumes.

St. Patrick’s Day Adult Costumes

Enjoy the many parades in the style they deserve…Whether or not a part of the parade, this is not the time to be lazy when it comes to costumes. Choose from a range of costumes, appropriately green in color and have the time of your life! 

No St. Patrick’s Day celebration will be complete without a bunch of men dressed up as the unofficial Irish mascot, the leprechaun.  This Male Leprechaun Costume will definitely make you the life of the party. It includes a hat, jacket, pants and bow tie.

Sure to be a hit with you menfolk, this Cheers & Beers Male Costume will put a smile on the faces of even the most uptight people. Not only will you look great but you will even have a place to put your beer cans in, definitely an added bonus. This costume includes a shirt, shorts, suspenders with 2 shot glasses and a beverage belt with 6 can loops.

As per folklore stories, leprechauns are male, however today’s times fortunately don’t perpetuate this discrimination. After all, why should men have all the fun?

This Female Leprechaun Costume is perfect for any Saint Patrick’s Day celebration. It includes a dress/jacket, hat, belt, panties, bow tie, purse, and thigh high stockings.
This costume is also available in Plus Size.

Perhaps one of our most unique creations, the Reversible Cupid/Leprechaun Costume as the name suggests is a double whammy. Perfect for both Valentine’s Day and Saint Patrick’s Day, this dress is fun, pretty and simplistic. It includes a Dress, Straps, Headband, Bow/Arrow and Wings.
This costume is also available in Plus Size.

Saint Patrick’s Day Kid Costumes

A festive holiday like St. Patrick’s Day is the prefect opportunity to spend some fun, quality time with your children. Your kids will love you if you take them for a parade, especially when you are dressed for the part. So why not take this opportunity to create some wonderful memories with your family.
As ever, for Saint Patrick’s Day, the leprechaun is a favorite for both boys and girls. Choose from our huge range of Leprechaun Kid Costumes.

Pretty in green, this Leprechaun Costume is a good choice for all young girls. It is eye-catching and perfect for any costume party or parade. It includes a Dress, belt, choker, stockings, and hat.

Your little boy will love you if you dress him up in this Leprechaun Costume. It includes a green blazer jacket, green scarf, blue mock shirt, black pants, green top hat with green band detail and four leaf clover sprig accent, green shoe covers with gold material buckle and rounded wire with the various charms on it.

St. Patrick’s Day Costume Accessories

The best of costumes can be made to look even better, with the right set of accessories. Hats, shoes, glasses and trinkets like necklaces or bracelets add that touch of authenticity to a costume. Even the simplest of costumes are transformed by adding on the right accessories.

Leprechaun hats, headbands and mini-hats, all will compliment that wonderful leprechaun costume you chose for yourself. Glittery and emerald green, is there even a need to explain their role as the ideal costume accessory. Depending upon your comfort level, you can go for a hat or a mini-hat and you are all set to party!

For all you women dressing up as leprechauns, this pair of heels can be the ideal costume accessory. Glittery, emerald green, these platform style heels will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Be it a Mardi Gras or a St. Patrick’s Day parade, it seems the party mood can not truly be created without the visual appeal of loads of bead necklaces, found in every color of the rainbow. This St. Patrick’s Day Bead Necklace has the added advantage of having a 3” high shot glass attached to it, quite a useful feature when one is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

Saint Patrick’s Day Decorations

While St. Patrick’s Day may be the time to party and let loose, you can help spread the festive cheer by decking your house with the prettiest decorations. You can choose from a range of banners, decorative lights and other such party stuff.

This plastic banner has the words ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ printed against a nice colorful background. Featuring a mythical pot of leprechaun gold at the end of a rainbow, it perfectly showcases the leprechaun myth that is central to Irish folklore.

Pretty Shamrock String Lights to light up your house, what better way to bring in the festive cheer? These lights can also be used indoor as well.

If you are not somebody who likes to decorate a lot, come very holiday, then this Shamrock Wreath is perfect for you. Simply hang this wreath over your door and you are done.

Saint Patrick’s Day is a good time to relax and enjoy, preferably with friends and family. Costume parties, parades and parties offer a break from the monotonies of daily life and help in reinvigorating you. So, why not dress the part and have the time of your life? Here’s to having fun!