Oktoberfest Costumes & Party Supplies - Kids & Adults

Oktoberfest fest is also known as the largest fair in the world as on an average it brings around nearly 5 to 6 million people in Germany every year who celebrate this festival with joy and euphoria. The event took a start when the King and the Princess of the state got married and is being celebrated since then. Concentrated beer plays an integral role in the festival, which is made heartily darker and is of higher alcohol content when prepared for the festival.

It depends on us how do we take up the spirit of this jovial festival. Various combinations of costumes could be used to make this festival enjoyable. Both kids and adults can get into costumes of various colors and sizes. Kids specially can try the bright colors which will make them look adorable.

An Oktoberfest theme party is incomplete without party supplies and decorations. The decorations that are designed based on the festival theme add an extra touch of joy to the celebrations. Party supplies such as napkins, paper cups, plates etc are always of assistance in such parties.

You can buy costumes online that are comfortable in wearing, of high quality and are able to give you the exact appearance you had been looking for.

Costumes for Kids and Teens

Kids are the cute little God’s angels coming straight from heaven. They look their best in all kinds of clothes and colors, whether bright flashy or simple. But if we dress them up according to the occasion, then a perfect Oktoberfest costume would make them look and feel even better.

barbarian girl child costume

Do not go by the cute looks, girls can be strong too. When they would wear this Oktoberfest outfit, they would show it to the world that they are strong and cannot be taken for granted.
Description: Includes dress, belt, and wrist cuffs. It does not include accessories or shoes.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash

Oktoberfest gives a chance to the little boys to get dressed up like barbarians. It is the time to enjoy in full ecstasy and this costume would surely contribute in enhancing your experience.
Description: Includes top with wrist cuffs, belt, pants, and leg cuffs. It does not include accessories or shoes.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash

Costumes for Adults

A festival like Oktoberfest is all about drinks and merrymaking. There are many adult parties and events thrown every year where adults dress up in Oktoberfest outfits. Costumes for adults are usually more elaborate than those of kids.

Barbarian Babe Adult Costume

This barbarian babe costume is everything that a girl would want to dress up like at the Oktoberfest theme party.
Description: Includes: Dress. Necklace and club are not included.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Dry clean only.

Beer is the main attraction of this festival. When choosing a costume to wear, it would be great if the theme line includes a hint of beer as well. This costume would serve the needs of the person up for the party.
Description: Includes dress, top, Apron, Thong, Crinoline.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Hand Wash

It is a costume that you would love to wear at this Oktoberfest party. Brown in color, this outfit will catch the attention of everyone in the party.
Description: Includes: Lederhosen, Shirt, Hat, Socks. It does not include beer stein or shoes.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle, Tumble Dry Low, No Bleach, Cool Iron

This is the traditional costume of the German Oktoberfest that is celebrated every year. Being stylish while going with the theme is the need of the hour and you would get it all with this outfit.
Description: Includes: Shorts with attached suspenders and shirt. It does not include socks or shoes.
Material: Polyester/Cotton
Care Instruction: Hand Wash

Accessories and Decorations

When everything you are wearing goes with the Oktoberfest fashion, then why carry the traditional purse or handbag? Opt for either of the following to get that complete festive feel.

Description: Includes: One yellow and silver purse.
Material: 100% Polyester
Care Instruction: Wipe Clean w/ Damp Cloth.

Description: Includes one handbag.
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction: Spot clean only

Beer Goggles 

Enter the party with style. Put on goggles that would turn all heads to see what you are wearing. Do not go by the routine ones, get the ones that are shaped like a beer glass.

Description: Includes a pair of beer glass shaped goggles. One-Size Fits Most.
Material: 55% Plastic, 45% Acrylic
Care Instruction: Spot clean only, air dry

Planning to wear that common jewelry to the Oktoberfest celebrations? How about wearing accessories that match the theme? Here are a few beads that you might want to wear yourself or gift them to your friends or guests.

Description: Includes one string of gold beads with a Mardi Gras shot glass attached (glass is approximately 3" high). Beads are approximately 16.5" long and 33" around.
Material: plastic

Description: Includes (1) string of beads.
Material: Polystyrene

Description: Includes one book with a flask-shaped bottle hidden inside.
Material: Cardboard
Care Instruction: Wipe Clean

Hats form an important part of the costume for men in Oktoberfest celebrations. There are options available if you wish to make it funny or just keep it simple. You can pick your choice from the following:

Description: Includes (1) hat. One size fits most adults.
Material: Polyester

Description: Includes (1) Oktoberfest Hi-Hat.
Material: Paperboard

Description: Includes (3) Beer Stein Cutouts.
Material: Paperboard.

Party accessories

Description: Invite everyone to the party and let them know that you have a theme. The invitations that go with the party theme ignite the spark of festivity.
Includes (8) invitations.
Material: Paper

Description: Serve food in the Oktoberfest style. Get the plates that have festival imprints. This would only make your guests know how particular have you been while setting up the party theme.
Includes (8) dinner plates.
Material: Paper

Description: The festival is all about drinking and so the cups should say it. Get the Oktoberfest cups to hold the glory of the occasion.

 Includes (8) cups.
Material: Paper

Description: Let your guests know that you had made sure not to let go a thing without capturing under the theme of the party. Even the lunch napkins should be a part of it.
Includes (16) lunch napkins.
Material: Paper