Why Comic Book and Movie Superheroes Are Still Popular

Superheroes have been around for decades either in cartoons or comic books or in movies. Even I love watching superheroes, science fiction or anything that takes my mind to another universe. Everyone is obsessed with the iconic looks of superheroes and their immense super-powers and talent. Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Iron-man, Thor and wonder-woman has garnered lot of popularity among people of all ages.

Some of the things which make superheroes popular-

1) Extraordinary powers and abilities, exceptional skills and advance equipments make them more iconic. Superhero powers vary widely; superhuman strength, the ability to fly, enhanced senses, and the projection of energy bolts are all common.
Some superheroes like batman and Green Arrow possess no superhuman powers but have mastered skills such as martial arts and forensic sciences. Some are just like us, they bleed like we do. Others have special weapons or technology, such as Iron Man's powered armor suits, Thor’s possesses the enchanted hammer, and Green Lantern’s power ring. Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and bracelets, Spider-Man's webbing, and Wolverine's adamantium claws.

2) Costume and their Marvelous Personality – To conceal their identity costumes are made. Some superhero’s power lies in their suits as well. Iconic and distinctive looks just suits them so much. Their suits are so appealing and eye pleasing that it becomes irresistible for us to dress up like them. The body and the confidence they have is indefinable. Batman wears a bat-themed costume and Spiderman wears a costume which has web patterns on it, Superman having ‘S’ shield on the chest and many more.

3) Saviors of the Universe- Superheroes are portrayed as people who possess values and ethics. They are characterized as humans with pure heart, no lust for money, greed or power. Just think of batman in Gotham city, a city full of corruption and crimes; Batman deals with the criminals and save the city.

4) Motivators – They are great motivators as they inspire us to follow the same principles which they follow. For some people they are like role models. They show their patriotic side and love for their country, like Captain America, wonder-woman.

5)Leading two lives-  They have a secret identity which they don’t reveal. Another reason they are popular is they usually lead two lives. One is normal in which they are just like us, going to office, have a family. But another side is just the opposite; they fight with enemies and villains who keep on destroying the city.
We even love the faces behind the superheroes. Robert Downey, Lynda carter, Tobey Maguire, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth and many more are the lovable actors behind that superhero face.

 Superheroes are still popular and I’am sure they will always be!!

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