Ideas for Easter Costumes, Costume Accessories and Party Supplies-Yes We're Going All Pink This Year

Easter Sunday is just round the corner. A Christian festival, it marks the celebration of the three days after which Jesus rose from the dead defeating evil forever, known as 'the Resurrection'. A magnificent journey of celebrations go around this festive weekend. Theme based parties, a special egg hunt or painting activity for kids and Easter parades are some of the things which make this day special. Adults too can join in the fun and frolic. Whether you're playing a host or attending one such gala event, the merriment multiplies if you are dressed fancy. Now some of you add life to a celebration for which we suggest, go for a bunny dress to make hopping around easy. For others who prefer to keep the essence of Easter alive, a costume of Moses is sure to spread that Biblical charm.

Easter Costume Accessories are also a sure shot way to add flavour to your outfit. Not just this, in case you're organising, party props should also be on point. Floral tableware to match the theme of Spring is the most favoured one. So here's a guide to some of the best costumes, accessories to go with it and party supplies to liven up your celebration. Partybell, an online website brings this and more. Find attractive outfits for adults, kids and toddlers in the season's colour.  

For parents who are all geared up to entertain kids and friends, here is a list of creative stuff specially curated keeping the festive spirit in mind. 

Adult Easter Costumes

It would be so lovely to watch adults competing with kids to find the most number of eggs in an egg hunt. Easter is for them too to enjoy the holiday spirit. Therefore, a costume for all the grown ups should hold true with the festivities. Choose from cute to sexy. You're definitely going to enliven the party mood. 

Unleash your sexy side. In case your plan is to ditch the family gathering and celebrate on your own, this outfit is seductive enough for you to get a bunch of compliments. It includes a dress, handcuffs, neckpiece, and headband.

Perfect for family get-togethers or office parties this bunny costume will put you in the Easter spirit. Comfortable and durable, wear a costume that is equal parts naughty and cute. Avoid the Easter rush when you order yours online today!

Adult Bunny Jumper Costume

Pink is not just for females, but men too look cute in pink. And, they are sure to love this bunny jumper as it is a simple complete costume to match to the theme. You will definitely make everyone laugh out loud wherever you go. It includes a jumpsuit, character hood, gloves and foot covers.

You will be the Easter Bunny everyone talks about all year long when you wear this adult mascot fluffy bunny XXL costume! Made of high-quality, durable and comfortable materials, this complete outfit is perfect for carnivals and parties too! It also boasts of super cute pink-lined floppy ears.
This costume includes the bunny suit, mitts and shoe cover.

Kids Easter Costumes

Easter is one of the few holidays which truly indulges kids in its excitement. Children love to take part in egg hunting contests or an all-kids Easter party. So, make sure you do all you can to make this Easter Day the most fun time for your kid. Take him/her for an Easter party in a theme based costume and let the fun times roll.

Choose from a whole range of kids easter costumes, all the way from sweet baby costumes to outfits for toddlers and children. 

Baby Anne Geddes Bunny Costume

Our favourite Easter bunny is here  with a basket full of colourful eggs. Make sure little friends too join in to get their share of these beautiful eggs. Lifetime adventures come alive with small memories and baby Anne Geddes bunny costume will be cherished forever. A soft and beautiful 3/6 bunny animal with big ears and wiggling nose, this is sure to look adorable and perfectly cuddly. It is super comfortable for the entire day. 

Baby bunny suits look so adorable. Revive your childhood memories by dressing up your tot in the most adorable furry animal. Classic or creative, little babies deserve to be dressed up in cute costumes. Choose your favorite and we will show you amazing outfits. 

Dress up like an iconic legend in our baby pink bunny costume.

Baby Swaddle Wings Bunny Costume

In case of a nature inspired theme, your infant will look just as if jumped out from a burrow. Your friends need know that your baby is the cutest little bunny in town. Also, the baby will feel snug and warm. This product comes with the most adorable swaddle blanket, body and bunny ears hat. Watch as they enjoy their first Easter in a bunny costume. This is sure to create memories you'll want to hang onto.

Easter Costume Accessories

Costume accessories have the power to transform a good costume into great. Cute rabbit ears, bunny tails and headbands, the list is endless. Explore them here.

Deluxe Rabbit Mask

There's something for everyone. A rabbit mask is great for pairing with any matching casual outfit. Even if you aren't going for a full costume, you can still channel the Easter spirit around.

Cute pink bunny sunstaches will go really well with your pink costume. We suggest, pair these bunny accessories with a simple casual outfit and you are ready to party!

Easter Party Supplies

The weekend offers a good opportunity to reconnect with friends and family. Celebrate these holidays with something as simple as a dinner party. For you to play the perfect host, we bring to you a couple of props to add to the Easter party atmosphere.

A cute pink bunny 7" dinner plate that will definitely add an Easter touch to your favorite meals.

Pink Swirl 2 Lollipops (pack of 24)

The sound of a slurpy tongue across a swirling lollipop! Doesn't this water your mouth and wish for some cute candies, sugar coated sweets, jiggling jellies and pops. The kid inside me definitely is craving for all of them. What would Easter be without the scene of kids filling up their hands with more candies than they could actually hold. We're definitely with them for its time for Easter. These pink swirl lollipops come in a pack of 24 pcs. 

Your little princess is a star, so why not fill her party with stars? The pink foil star hanging decorations includes 14 plain pink swirls and 16 swirls with star cutouts. Hang them all around her room.

Rabbit Giant Wall Decal

This decal makes for cool decorations for your little one's party. The package includes giant wall decal sheet size measuring 49"x39" and a rabbit home room decor removable wall/locker/door decal. After the party is over, it is easy to transfer the decal to your child's room for round the year enjoyment.