Halloween Costumes for 2014 : Top Themes for Selecting the Perfect One!

The biggest festival of the year, the scariest night i.e. Halloween is almost a month away. It is the season  when people like to try new costumes and colors. I am sure all of you are waiting to party hard and go crazy in the costumes you decided to wear this Halloween. Halloween costumes generally never go out of date and can be used every year with some variation. Hallow's Eve is rapidly approaching then why don't you spend a little extra time preparing properly for the occasion?

Halloween is that one season when everyone is excited whether we talk about Kids, adults, toddlers or even Pets. There are many alternatives for everyone but you need to choose something stunning that everyone is not wearing, It should not be the tedious one.  Here I have assembled some costumes which are on the top of everyone’s bucket list this year. Get dressed up to the nines in these incredible costumes!

 Super Mario


From kids to adults everyone is crazy when it comes to playing super Mario game. Nowadays the super Mario game has their costume too. People love to wear these costumes as a group. Super Mario family have become a favorite and there are enough characters to involve the whole family. Get these costumes and be the super-adventurous family this year!

 Funny Costumes - 


Garner a lot of laugh in these New Funny costumes. People love to shop for funny costumes as they are purely a center of attraction at the parties! I would highly recommend you to wear something funny as it never goes off!

Maleficent –


The most popular costume nowadays, a perfect one for your Halloween.. It’s stunning plus incredible and will look most awesome when all pretty women will wear this. 



People consider this costume as the best princess costume till now. Almost all the mothers are buying this costume for their daughters and even for themselves. Frozen Elsa Costume has bagged top position. This will make every woman or girl learn how to appear perfectly poised.

Ninjas –  


Superhero costumes have become a tradition for Halloween. Superheroes have been around for decades either in cartoons or comic books or in movies. Everyone is obsessed with the iconic looks of superheroes and their immense super-powers. Want a different superhero costume? The best would be the Ninja turtle costume! This year get ready for some ninja hero action!

Nightmare before Christmas -


These costumes from the movie Nightmare before Christmas is perfect for Halloween or Christmas gathering! If you are going as a couple then what can be more distinguished than Sally and Jack! 

 Egyptian Costumes- 


The new definition of Egyptian costumes is what these costumes are all about. These costumes are probably inspired from Katy Perry's smash hit single from her new album. 

Well! Don’t wait for the last minute again this year to decide what you will be wearing. Get some spectacular costume that will really knock everyone’s socks off.  Happy Halloween 2014!

If you have any ideas for the new Halloween costumes then feel free to share! Compliments or Criticism, happily accepted!