How Different Age Groups Celebrate Halloween

Halloween is a wonderful excuse to play: dressing up, giving and getting candy, and enjoying a good laugh with friends. However, for those aging loved ones who may have dementia, Halloween can be a disorienting day. Unexpected knocks at the door or loud noises in the neighborhood can disrupt daily routines and cause anxiety for some.

Infants and toddlers:
Halloween is a time for parents with babies to capitalize on cute. Toddler's too young to go trick-or-treating but still they can celebrate Halloween together. Most of the parents dress up there kids in Halloween costumes. But dressing is not enough for kids. Carving pumpkins is the tradition of Halloween and yes even your little babies’ can involved in this. Some game/activity can be done on this day. As kids like this.  You may put different things in a tub for the young infants to explore and do not forgot to give candy’s as prize. Also you can plan activity in which both parents and there kids participate together.

Children and Teenagers: 
Most awaited festival for kids, who dress themselves in comic or ghostly costumes and knock on neighborhood doors shouting "Trick or Treat!”. Children always like to do adventurous and creative things. You may ask them to carve pumpkin and by this they feel the part of your Halloween decoration. Halloween does not just have to be trick or treating. You can spend this with your friends and family together by eating chocolates, dancing, partying and watching movies. It’s all about your enjoyment.

Not all the adults want to dress up themselves on Halloween. However, some interested in giving out candy, putting Halloween decorations, carving pumpkins. Some adults dress up as historical or political figures and go to masquerade parties. In larger cities, costumed children and their parents gather at shopping malls early in the evening.

Off course we cannot forgot our seniors. Our all celebrations just incomplete without them.  This is the best time to spend a lot of time with our parents, grand parents. Mostly seniors stay at home and give candies. Some attend Halloween Dance parties. It is good if the home party will be arranged.