GI-Joe Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

Well  it is Halloween time and people are going crazy to try for different costumes so that they have the best for this Halloween. There is a big craze in everyone out there of being in their favorite Tv / Movie character for Halloween. Now its time to start shopping for cool Halloween costumes, one of the coolest costume choice will be in GI-Joe costume for Halloween. Are you willing to never give-up and stay until the fight is done? If so, you may be ready to wear a Halloween costume of your favorite GI-Joe character.  

This Halloween why not become a brave member of the Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity(GI JOE) or you can be a villain of cobra organization wearing some of the most famous GI-Joe costumes. GI-Joe has been childhood favorite of kids for years but with the recent release of the movie GI-Joe: Retaliation, GI-Joe is hotter then ever. You’d be hard pressed to find a costume theme that kids are more excited about this year then GI-Joe costume. Children everywhere are using their wild imagination to become an onscreen military team that fights cobra to save the world. With Halloween approaching your child would be clamoring for a GI-Joe Halloween costume. So why not you take part in your younger once  imaginations to built a military team and be the coolest character that been long before the superheroes of today. Both kids and adults likes to be donning the GI-Joe Costume and cobra organization costume this Halloween during trick or treat and costume parties. 

GI Joe Retaliation Roadblock Classic Muscle Child Costume

Roadblock is the main character in GI-Joe . In the movie he is portrayed as machine gunner who also posseses the some cooking skills. This is one of the best GI Joe costumes for kids, get your kid Roadblock costume. This costume features rough and tough military jumpsuit with attched chest guard and  the self-adhering goatee. If your kid like heavy shooting and unceasing action then surely he will love wearing Roadblock this Halloween. 

GI Joe Snake Eyes Classic Child Costume

Snake eyes is another famous character of GI Joe known for his overall fighting, he is a silent killer who stops at nothing to defeat storm shadow. If your kid love ninjas material arts or a good guy kicking some bad guys buts then Snake eyes classic costume will best suits him. This costume features a black jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, attached arm guards and legs holsters, as well as a matching fabric hood with visor. And now being a snake eyes GI Joe you are ready to kill nad defeat the country.

GI Joe Retaliation Storm Shadow Child Costume
Storm Shadow is a bad guy covered in good color. A white costume can boy disguise the deeds of the black-hearted ninja! At first look he may not look like a bad guy, but do not let his good white appearance fool you. He’s got a heart of black. This costume features a white ninja style jumpsuit with muscle tors and arms, attached belt and a fabric hood. This is an officially licensed GI Joe costume.

GI Joe Snake Eyes Adult costume

This is the coolest GI Joe costume and whats better costume you can get then becoming super cool GI Joe Snake Eyes! It seems every year there is a new must have Halloween costume and this time it is GI Joe Snake eyes. This costume features the complete black bodysuit as well as matching fabric hood. This is an officially license GI Joe Product.

GI Joe Cobra Commander Adult Costume
Be a Cobra commander and conquer the world. The cobra commander is a egotistical and paranoid conman, blaming all his problems on the corrupt government that always crushed the little guy in this disguise. This costume features a blue jumpsuit with collar and attached belt, a blue-white helmet with gray mask attached to it. The costume is made up of high quality fabric. It also includes black elbow length gloves and black boot-covers. This is an officially licensed GI Joe product.

GI Joe Female Costumes
GI Joe costumes are not just limited for boys. If you are a girl and also want to be the part of action! No problem, you can be a women worrier. Fight for cobra as baroness, this costume features a black dress with black shrug, matching elbow length gloves, belt and garters. You can try for scarlet, this costume features a military top, pants and a black broad belt to complete the look. If you love the action and the bad image then you should go for GI Joe sexy Cobra, this costume features a blue-red dress with red scarf and blue hat. Also includes black elbow length gloves and garter. These costumes are made up of good quality fabric and are officially licensed GI Joe products.