Top 10 Ideas to Celebrate Halloween at Home

Dark sky, ghostly horrors, spooky Halloween decorations and feeling horror in the air; It is the last night of October, October 31st. Are you wondering how to throw the next Halloween party? Don’t worry; there is variety of things to do on Halloween night. Halloween night would not be complete without some spectacular ideas which I followed at my last Halloween.

  1. What to Do on Halloween for Adults - I will start with the first Halloween activity perfectly suiting adults- Costume Party!  Halloween is the perfect excuse for dressing up in crazy costumes and having fun. Theme Costume parties can never get old. Select a theme and get your friends together to help celebrate the holiday, and be sure to give prizes for the most imaginative costumes and makeup. Plan some games to play and serve the food in a different scary way! 

  2. Dress Up in a Halloween Costume for Children - The first question any kid often asks on Halloween is - where is my candy followed by what I am going to be this Halloween? Kid’s are engaged in trick or treat activities. There are hundreds of costumes available for kids. The costumes can be selected from Disney theme, animal and bug theme or you can transform you kids into Iconic superheroes. 

  3.  Hand Out Candy to Trick-or-Treaters - It doesn’t matter which types of Halloween treats you want to give at Party. Keep the candies ready for the small little witches and ghosts as they say trick or treats! Welcome in the trick or treaters and handover candies to them.

  4. Read or Share Scary Ghost Stories - Try not to fill the whole Halloween night with planned activities, have some time to talk! Light the fire and sit around it in a circle and share some spooky scary stories with one another. 

  5. Watch Bone-Chilling Horror Movies - If you feel like relaxing and enjoying movies at home then watch some bone-chilling horror movies. Here are few you can watch- Halloween, Jaws, The Exorcist, Sleepy hollow, House on Haunted hill, The Unborn and many more.  

  6. Decorate the house in Halloween Theme - Halloween decorations begin with carving faces into pumpkins to make jack-o'-lanterns, cobwebs, witches and scarecrows. Make more use of black and orange color. Try turning your house into haunted house or cemetery! And adding in some Halloween music or ghost sounds in the background make your decors come into life.

  7. Load up on candy - Have enough stock of candies as you never know how many kids will be knocking your door for candies. Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and give candies to kids. 

  8.  Watch horror movies - Spending time with family is really considered great! Watch some blood-curdling movies on Halloween with your family. Some of them are Halloween, Creepshow, Phantasm, BeetleJuice, The Evildead and many more. You just need a Spacious comfortable place with widescreen TV, endless bowls of popcorns and of course some very scary movies.

  9. Halloween Party games - Games and treats are always important part of Halloween. Some popular games include bobbling for apples, how much can is in the candy jar, pie eating contest and pass it on ghost story and many more. 

  10. Halloween Recipes - This is the time for foodies who just want nothing to do but feast on Halloween night. It is the time for good food to look bad. Prepare cupcakes, desserts, meat, spider snacks, Apple-pies, finger cookies and transform them into scary Halloween food.

    Costume parties, a few Halloween decorations, horror music and Halloween food and you will have an unforgettable Halloween!
    If you have any thoughts on this, don’t hesitate to leave me a note in the comment section below!!