Fun Easter Games And Egg Hunting Ideas

Easter is one the most fun filled event for kids. Every year kids look forward to this event. The main high light of Easter is the EGG HUNTING.

Looking out for Easter Eggs, decorating Eggs,  filling your basket with gifts and many more are the activities that every child loves.

If you are planning to host an Easter Party then here are few ideas to make your party hit amongst kids.

  • Scavenger Hunt: Hide Eggs everywhere in your Garden with clues and riddles that leads to a bigger Prize.
  • Finding Easter Basket: Instead of hiding eggs hide the Basket with gifts and leave hints in plastic eggs to find the basket.
  • Collecting Eggs: Scatter eggs in a place and ask kids to collect as many eggs they can in a minute or less.
  • Decorating Eggs: Brings some decoration kids and ask every child to decorate eggs. The best egg wins the prize.
  • Colored Egg Hunt: Hide colorful eggs and give one color to each child. Kids will have to find their color eggs only. 
  • Egg with Brains: In this you can play a trivia game. Place few eggs in a basket and ask all the kids trivia question who so ever answers the question can go and pick any egg from the basket.

Healthy Advise for you: If you do not want to want to give out candies then you can go for other small gifts like tattoos, stickers, whistles, balls etc.
all these egg hunting ideas and game ideas can come very handy for your Easter Party. 

So you all set for a rocking Easter Party.
Have FUN!