Top Trending Thanksgiving Costume Ideas


Can you imagine those crazy Halloween celebrations are all done?
We hope you all had a gala time in the Halloween parties. 

However, the hangover of the celebrations is definitely going to linger on for a really long time. Halloween was just a starter in your three course festive feast. Now let's gear-up for the second course.

Do you why there turkey is the main attraction of Thanksgiving feast?

Well, it's kind of a mystery. Different historians and culture experts have different theories on this, but what seems more plausible is that the colonists after their bountiful harvest dined with the natives and turkey being the purely American bird was served to the large gathering. Since then turkey has remained associated with the Thanksgiving feast.

 Now, let's turn to Thanksgiving party with PartyBell!

PartyBell is bringing you a wide range of costumes and accessories to brighten up your Thanksgiving. 

Pilgrim Thanksgiving Costume

The pilgrim costume is always a rage on Thanksgiving. Some of PartyBell's most popular pilgrim costumes are: 

Medieval Monk Costume


Let's timetravel and go back to the medieval times with this costume. The costume includes polyester under robe, hood with caplet, a rope belt and a wig. Grab It here 

 Pilgrim girl

The costume includes white cotton bonnet with an under-the-chin ribbon tie, a long, black cotton dress with a clinched waist and an attached apron. You can order one for yourself here.

Native Indians Thanksgiving Costume

 indian maiden

The Costume is includes the earthy dress, boot tops, belt, armband, choker and the headpiece. You can buy this costume here.

 indian costume

The earthy colored in lovely brown Sacajawea Indian costume has a fringed dress, belt or flap and a headband.

Just add the suede boots or tan dakota boots and you are one rocking Native Indian girl. 

 Indian Princess child costume

Indian Princess Child Costume for Thanksgiving

Turn your little girl into Indian Princess this Thanksgiving. The costume includes dress, headband and boot covers. Click here to see the details and buy.

 indian costume

Indian Maiden Child Costume for Thanksgiving

This lovely fringed off-shoulder costume has a dress, boot covers, belt and a headpiece. You can buy it for your little girl here.


It's so difficult to pick and choose one my favorite. See it for yourself. 
Click on the image to see the details of the costume.

 Turkey costume
Johnny Turkey Costume
 rubber chicken
Rubber Chicken Costume
 chicken rider
Chicken Fight Costume

And for the Accessories, PartyBell has Turkey themed headgears

 turkey headband
Turkey Headband
Plush Gobbler Hat 


And in the end...

 Little Gobbler Infant costume

Dive in PartyBell store, lay your hands on your favorite before its out of stock.