Scary Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas


You are invited to the scariest and spookiest Halloween party in the town!
Now that you have zeroed-in on the theme for your Halloween party (if not, read on you will look no further for your amazing Halloween party decoration ideas), let's talk about the ideas how you can turn the party venue even scarier than a haunted house. 

FACT: According to a survey, scary themed Halloween parties are still the most rocking and preferred party destinations for the party animals in the whole country.  

So, those of you who still think it's outmoded and obsolete, think again.

In this blogpost, I'm going to give you some wonderful ideas using the party supplies from PartyBell for your halloween lawn decorations. 

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Let's send shivers down the guests' spines. 

 Webbed House

 webbed house

Make a wicked spider web entrance into your house. The web is 23'x18' in dimensions and very easy to set up. It is polyester-made and has one gutter bracket and five ground stakes. Place creepy spiders on the web and some more on the web on the roof to make even nastier. 

 Ghoulie Archway


Let your guests be warned what they are going to enter into!

This vicious airblown figurine has internal lights, fan, cord, tether stakes and plug-in. In short, you just need to place it and switch it on, your guests will be chilled to the bone. 



Turn one corner into a monstrous graveyard. 

The graveyard is complete kit of three tombstones, skulls, skeleton hands, bones, black roses, skull posts with chain link, white cloth, a bag of spider webbing and a bag of sand. Place the blood-curdling ground breaker witch with it. The best thing about it is animated. When activated, the eyes lit up and head turns 360degree. It even produces spine-chilling sound. You can even choose a headless zombie to produce the same terror. 

 Witchly craft

Blood is going to run cold in this witchly corner.  

The spooky tree will remind everyone of the whomping willows of the famed Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or you can choose this tree hugging witch. The witchly group of three adds all the more eerie element to the decor. The swinging witch mocking as you frighten and make your way around the decor is absolutely a cherry on the top.

 Door Plaque

 stay out

Even if anyone dares to step in, give him/her last warning with this plaque that you can hang on the door or choose to say 'Haunted House'

This is just for your outdoor halloween decoration. Imagine what awaits them when they open that door. 

Dig in PartyBell to find more horrifying options for your halloween garden decorations.