US Presidential Elections Themed Costumes

 flag costume

US Presidential elections have kept the world media hooked since last one year. If you thought the rage is going to keep the same pace, well, you are here for a surprise. The rage is slowly turning into a nasty obsession and the best part is WE ALL LOVE IT.

The D-day is still away, but the political gala is gripping everyone, irrespective of age, sex, profession. It’s like months - long fest, with adrenaline rushing high, tempers soaring and so is the deafening cheering.

What better way to become part of gala celebration of the world’s oldest democracy than painting our self in its political pride and splendor.

Party Bell calls upon you all to hop on this colorful carnival. We bring you an exclusive collection of US Presidential Election themed costumes and props to pep up your celebration.

1. Turn your patriotism for the country into a celebration of pride. Wear the flag in a trendy way.


2.  Let’s not forget our heroes.


 martha washington

3. Make your children be part of the celebration.

 Statue of Liberty child

 George Washington

4. Who can forget you, UNCLE SAM?
 Uncle Sam

 uncle sam dog costume

5. Paint your party in your zeal with these super cool themed festoons and decorations:


 table cover

 party pack

6. Wear the look of your favorite political heroes with these accessories and Face Masks:


 hillary clinton


 Dig in PartyBell dedicated page to US Presidential election themed costumes and party decorations for many more amazing stuff.
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