Halloween Last minute Costume Saviour

If you have been invited for a Halloween party but you never got around to buy some costumes then here are some impressive last minute costume ideas that are really easy. Last minute costumes show your creativity instead of your laziness to buy a costume. If you have got the designing chops then why not get your costume by DIY?

Starting from the black- Black color dominates Halloween, the first color that comes to my mind is Halloween. If you have many blacks in your wardrobe then do not spend money on Halloween costumes!

1) Death from Sandman costume-

For Death costume you just need a black spaghetti top and pants or may I say Just go black. The ankh necklace and dark make up will make you more recognizable for your character. You can easily get tutorials for Death make up over the internet. What about holding some flowers or may be an umbrella? 

2) Sexy Cat-  For sexy cat a little black dress, black nose, some drawn on whiskers and fake cat ears is all what you need!

3) Flapper- A black dress which you might have bought for your party can be again used for Halloween! Just add jewelry, a fancy headpiece and gloves to complete your ensemble. Spice up the look with a boa  and a cigarette holder which is must to include!

4) Witch-  Use your old black gown to replicate a witch. Get a black hat,Paint your face green, Accenture your eyebrows, dark and smoky eyes this is enough to give you a picturesque look!

5) Ghost - Get a white sheet, and cut out two holes for your eyes. Be creative and cut holes in your sheet to be a  ghost.

6) Zombie- Use your old white dress, paint some areas red and make it look dirty, You are a Zombie! Put on some scary make up and walk like a zombie when you make Entry to Halloween party! 

7) Morticia Addams - Morticia Addams, one of the ruling queens of Halloween is also a great costume for Halloween!  A black gown, dark make up and black hair will do it all!

8) Devil Costume- If you have got a red dress in your closet then grab a pair of devil horns and  pitchfork! 

9) Angel costumes- Same goes for angel, wear a white dress with a halo headband and a wand. 

10) Rosie the Riveter Costume– A simple pin-up hairdo wrapped with a red bandana and paired with a denim button down shirt will create the costume. Roll your sleeves up and put on the red lip color! 

Keep an eagle eye on the things around you and Put on your thinking