Throw a Delightful Kid's Superhero Theme Party!

Parties are going to be full of fun and memorable only when they are planned and hosted in a way that your child would love to have. If it is your kid's birthday or a weekly get together, hosting a theme party will be the best choice. One can't go wrong if one plans superhero theme party as it appeals to both boys and girls irrespective of the age groups they belongs to. Superheroes have been the all time favorite characters because of their unique skills, super natural powers they possess and colorful costumes they wear. It is best theme for your kid’s party which not only your guests will remember but is also easy to host. Starting from party invitations, party games to party favors; one can easily have superhero theme based merchandise that will make the party truly unique and delightful. Other than host simply wearing your favorite super hero costume like that of Superman, Spider man, Batman etc with matching accessories, below you will find some simple superhero theme party planning tips.

Party Invitations- Party invitation design will set the tone for your party. Once date, timings and location has been finalized, send out superhero invitations to your guests detailing them about the party. Along with invitation cards, one can also send a superhero mask or cape. If you have ample time and want to show your creativity, go ahead with customized invitations like one can draw a cartoon strip portraying you child as superhero etc.

Indoor, outdoor decorations- Create a perfect superhero ambiance using decorative stuff like at the entrance one can using hangings of spider web or signboard showing "Welcome to Gotham city". For indoors, one can use superhero shaped balloons, cutouts, superhero posters, flag banners etc. One can also try super hero wall decal in the hall where the party has been planned.

Food and tableware- Once the party hall has been decorated, it’s time for serving food. Use table cover matching to superhero theme like red for wonder women, green for green lantern. Add superhero punch by serving the fruit punch, pineapple juice etc sticking to the superhero coloring scheme. Super hero cake toppers are easily available that can be used. For serving the drinks and the food, use your favorite super hero printed glasses and dinner plates. Even one can also use superhero printed napkins after the meal. Super hero party packs are also available which can further be assembled depending on the number of guests.      

Party games- Games are an important part of kid’s party. For superhero theme party, one can arrange face painting competition or create a small obstacle course by using chairs, small blocks, couch etc for superhero to catch a villain. One can arrange for board games, dart games, puzzles, blow outs, play with discs etc. Since superheroes possess super natural powers, one can also arrange a small magic show or make kids learn some magic tricks.

Party favors- Party favors are liked by all age groups. Kids love to have candies so offer them goody bags filled with candies, small toys, colors etc. Other things that can be offered as party favor includes- comic books, sticker sheets, key chains, figures, flash lights etc. Filled party favor boxes can also be tried.    

Thus depending upon the number of guests invited, party budget and the time available, one easily throw a party that your kid will enjoy and guests will remember for the months to come.