Frankenstein Day Costume Ideas

National Frankenstein day is celebrated on August 30 in honor of author Mary Shelley. People of various countries celebrate the holiday dressing up to just look like Frankenstein the monster. Frankenstein, a young scientist, and his assistant Fritz, a hunchback, piece together a human body, the parts of which have been collected from various sources. However, shortly after making the man, he loses the beauty of his dream and is filled with disgust and horror at his creation - Frankenstein's monster.

When you think of dressing up as a Frankenstein monster, the image comes to mind is a ugly creation in a dark black suit with broad shoulders and green colored skin, silver bolts around both sides of neck. While the costumes are for celebrating Frankenstein Day but it is considered as a classic for Halloween.

We have assembled some costumes which will make your  celebration a frightful fun!!


Also include these boots to complete the look!

The Frankenstein bride costume is personal favorite of all women either they are dressing up for Halloween or any other scary theme event 
Pair it with shoes- 

Another alternative for Wig-

Kid's Corner - 

The make up for every Frankenstein themed costume is very crucial as you meant to look like you came from a grave. Using pale green make up and black eye shadows will be great!

Stay tune for more costume ideas!