International Joke Day Costume Ideas

After April Fools’ Day here comes another reason to be happy i.e International Joke Day. 1st of July is celebrated as International joke day. International Joke Day is a funny festival day that invites sharing of funny jokes, humorous videos and delightful mails. It is a day when people take time to share jokes on each other.
On this special day plan a party that is all about having fun. For that you need some amusing costumes for your rib-tickling event. Have a sneak peek on some of the best funniest costumes.

Unisex/Mascot costumes

Celebrate the day that reminds us of the value of laughter and the difference it can make into our lives. If you are a person who loves being funny then the festival is for you. Get your perfect costumes if you are going for a fun-themed party. If you are going it with your better half then the costumes listed below are a great hit to go.

As the day is about making everyone laugh, so dress up in these waggish costumes lined up for you. 
Be inseparable and dress like you are made for each other. If your partner is wearing Pizza costume, then compliment him in the hilarious ketch up-costume shown below.

Everyone will shout -What are you cooking inside? Get ready for the fun and garner a lot of laughs.
The world is full of problems and unhappiness, so don’t you think you should give some time to make others happy. Making others happy Ladies! Show your funny side and garner a lot of laughs when you enter the party

Kids Corner

As the festival is all about having fun, then how can kids let it go? The hilarious costumes are waiting for you, grab them and make your kids happy.

Remember Laughter is the best medicine! Get ready in your costumes; Show out your pearly whites and give out a good blast of laugh!