A day to celebrate & honor the Armed Forces..

Armed forces day can be seen on the third Saturday of May. It is the celebration of all the past and present contributions of the military personnel who have served in the armed forces. Secondly you also get the opportunity to show your support to armed forces who have been serving for their country. There are many practices that took place on armed forces day which includes big parades, flag ceremonies, paying tribute to those who died for country and other celebrations.
Thinking of holding an event on this special occasion? Let us help you all find the right way to celebrate the event. The most relevant part of every single event is the costumes. No worries, there are plenty of ways in which you can dress up for the day, find out below.

Tribute the soldiers dressing up in this striking army costume. Either you are going to attend an event or participate in parade this costume is perfect for you. The costume also includes hat and belt which will complete the army look. You will be getting a chance to dress up sexy in the occasion and the included accessories at a reasonable price.

Hold an event or party and rule the party being a sergeant. This Camouflage costume is the best choice to go with. Promote peace all around the world and celebrate the real meaning of the day. Here’s the bonus, you don’t have to buy the camouflage hat and dog-tags separately.

A great choice of costume if you are going to pay tribute to our heroes.Be heroic in this costume and fight for your country. The quality of the costume is superb and the work on the costume is intricate. Pair it with a bullet bandoleer, camouflage hat and you’re done.

This very sexy captain can handle all the force and can get every men attention. The attached necktie and matching hat makes this costume look so stunning. We assure you the fabrics and the material used are so good.


Show your bold and courageous side in this costume.

Come on, don’t let your kids get bored of the occasion, rather buy some costumes for them so that they can also enjoy and show their love for the country. Get these costumes as it best suits the event and the material is good too.

Rest assured that this article will help you finding the best costume for all your events and at an economical rate. Dress up in these outfits, cheer up for your country and honor the bravery of soldiers.