Best Easter Day Costume Ideas

When the shops are full of Easter eggs you know it will soon be Easter. But Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs only. On Easter Sunday, Christians celebrate the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus Christ as written in the Christian Bible. It is typically the well-attended Sunday service of the year for Christian churches. Christians believe, according to Scripture, that Jesus came back to life after his death.
So get ready to buy some traditional as well as lovable costumes. Here at PartyBell you will get all the costumes you want for Easter day and be the shining star of the day. On this Carnival season buy our featured collection of Easter day themed Costumes. Here we are giving you some inspiration for your Easter party; we have put some ideas into this post on what costumes to wear and how to make your party a big bash!!

Women Costume Ideas

Easter Costume For Women

Here are some costumes we have summed up for all the ladies dressing up for coming Easter. Try these outfits, go traditional or sexy depending upon your priorities choose the one you want.
Go funny,sexy or traditional as shown below. If you are going for a party and looking for entertaining kids and people out there then the funny bunny costume will be perfect for you. Going for church or sunrise service Jesus costume will prove to be great. Not to forget this very sexy costume, If you are making it with your partner then sexy bunny costume is right way to go.

 Men Costumes

Easter Costume for Men

Here is the sneak peek of some bunny costumes. Go for this sweet cuddly bunny costume and carry colored eggs in a basket, candy and toys to give to the children. Enjoy all the practices or traditions being a cute bunny. Hide the eggs and let others hunt for the eggs.
Anyways! Do not forget to carry a carrot.

Kid’s corner

Kids costume for Easter

 Kids will look the cutest wearing these bunny costumes. Be the well-behaved children in these super amazing costumes and impress bunnies who will deliver decorated eggs to you and do not forget to snatch candies.With baskets in hand we search the ground, Easter eggs are all around!

Easter Party Kits

Your Easter Party would be incomplete without these awesome party essentials that we guess are must to add life to the party.

 Have an egg-siting Easter Egg-stravaganza with these couple of costumes summed up for you at PartyBell - a store for all your party essentials.