10 hot Party Looks we Love!

Sexy Costumes are something which every women love to wear. They really draw a lot of attention of people at parties or Halloween. Halloween is the time to wear sexy costumes and have some real fun. Sexy costumes are the latest trends when it comes to costumes. It is always a fun to wear sexy costumes as it allows you to be naughty. There are number of sexy costumes available from professional costumes to movie characters costumes.
Find out some top sizzling hot Party looks we love!

1) Princess Leia Slave – The golden metal bikini will surely reveal your wild side. The costume has become an iconic sex symbol and is often imitated by a lot of female fans. The costume was worn by actress Carrie fisher in Star-Wars. The costume has gained huge fan following since 1983 and is also as much as popular nowadays.

2) Vixen Pirate – Pirates were men in history who were common criminals who look for treasures, but that’s not the thing when it comes to dressing up. The popularity of pirate costumes has grown almost more than other themes.

3) Cavewoman – The sensual Leopard print dress is what the costume holds. Become prehistoric lady at the time of Halloween or any other theme party. She’s ready to tackle all the adventures that come her way.
4) Mesmerizing Mermaid- When it comes to TV Movie costumes; Disney theme bagged the top position. Mesmerizing mermaid is known for giving that perfect mermaid figure. It’s just “The  Wow” look !

5) Cleopatra – Walk like an Egyptian and rule like a queen in the sexy ensemble of Cleopatra – the Queen of Egypt. Add accessories, make up and you’re done. The costume comes with a sky blue cape, white dress and a gold headpiece.

6) Wonder woman – Very powerful yet feminine Wonder woman will show the world that it is not only males who can rescue the world.  Wonder woman is a super-heroine and warrior princess of Amazons. These days everyone is fascinated by superheroes powers, their looks and most importantly their costumes. Wonder woman costume is the most distinguished and recognizable look.

7) Mad hatter – Alice base Mischievous mad hatter costume has become one of the hottest costumes either for Halloween or a costume party.

8) Batman Harley Quinn – Batman Arkham city Harley Quinn is the super-villain in DC Universe. The costume includes a short top, pants, choker, fingerless gloves, and belt. A daring personality is enough to show your sexiness.

9) Lady cop –  This very sexy cop can handle all the force and will grab all men attention. Professional costumes are also considered as sexy. More include Retro Army girl, school girl costume, beer girl and Flight attendants.

10) French maid – Polish off your look and attract a lot of men when you show a glimpse of you in the French maid get up. Dust off your simple look and transform yourself into sexy woman.

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