10 Halloween Hazards You Never Knew Could Harm Your Pet

Halloween is a much awaited yearly event that is celebrated with full fervor. People from all age groups celebrate this with full fun and frolic. Many people celebrate the tradition of Halloween by dressing in costumes and telling tales of witches and ghosts. Pumpkins are carved into glowing lanterns. Small kids roam door to door calling "Trick or treat " hoping to have their pockets filled with candies. It's a family event with pets too involved in the celebrations. Whatever the event is, pets need special care and attention.
For Halloween, following points must be taken into consideration:-

1) Pet Halloween costume- Some pets are not costume averse which means if you are selecting the costume for your pet, attention should be paid that costume is not restraining the pet’s body movement. It should be light weight so that it does not causes overheating.

2) Forcing an unwilling pet into costume can frighten or annoy it. Also sometimes costumes have small accessories attached with it which could create a choking problem when mistakenly consumed.

3) Halloween is a time full of scary decorations and weird costumes, loud noises of "trick or treat", continuously ringing door bells. In such an environment pets like cats & dogs get stressed and anxious which harms their health.

4) Halloween plants like pumpkin and decorative corns are considered relatively non toxic but they can produce stomach upset if pets nibble them.

5) Pets like cats don't like sweets but dogs do. Chocolates in all forms especially dark can prove harmful for pet's health, so all Halloween candies must be kept out of pet's reach.

6) Candy wrappers mistakenly left in the reach of pets too pose a serious threat for pets. Ingestion of foil and cellophane wrapper can cause life threatening bowel obstructions which in severe cases require surgical intervention.

7) A carved pumpkin certainly is festive but it asks for special attention when a candle is added to it. Pets can knock a lit pumpkin over and can cause fire. Kittens run the high risk of getting burnt.

8) Glow sticks and jewelry have become popular and cats gnaw them. The glow sticks contain the phenol, which could leak out and can burn pet's fur.

9) Wires and cords from decorative electric lights should be kept out of reach of pets. If chewed, pet might suffer from cuts and burns.

10) Always make sure that pet has proper identification. If for any reason, pet escapes and get lost, a collar/tag can be a lifesaver and the probability that it will be returned increases.