What should you be for Halloween this year?

Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve was the sort of first holiday that focused on honoring the dead. This was done through series of ceremonies and rituals but as the years passed, it is now celebrated as more of cultural celebration with people dressing up in new costumes, decorating their places with scary decorative stuffs like wall hangings, lights, carved pumpkins etc and telling scary stories. Every individual wants to look different and tries something new for the same. Some create their own designs while others prefer to go with costumes of already famous characters. Below you will find some of the already famous character ideas that could be tried for Halloween.

1) Be a Superhero - Superheroes are the all time favorite characters among all age groups. Spider man, Superman, Batman, wonder woman etc are some of the characters that have been able to create their impression in the mind of the masses. Kids wearing their favorite superhero matching costumes try to imitate their famous actions while adults too like to dress up in such costumes. So for Halloween, appearing like superhero comes at first choice.

2) A Scary Movie Character - As Halloween is now more of a cultural celebration with people telling scary stories hosting scary theme parties, scary costumes comes as the second choice. Scary costumes could be self designed or one can try scary costumes from the famous movies like Maleficent, Frankenstein monster, Creeper etc. Even the man eater “Zombie” costume too could be tried. Proper make up and the costume matching accessories will complement the character’s personality.

3) Disney characters- Disney characters because of their appearance and notorious acts have been able to make their place in the hearts of people specifically for kids. Costumes matching to Disney characters like Cinderella, Mickey Mouse, Belle from “beauty and the beast”, snow white etc are easily available and could be tried. Kids love to wear their favorite characters.

4) Supernatural characters and eminent personalities- Supernatural creatures such as ghosts, mummies, vampires, ghouls etc too can be tried. These creatures possess some supernatural powers due to which they are widely famous. Dressing up like eminent personalities like President, Army chief etc comes at fourth position in the list. One can also dress himself in professional costumes like a fire fighter, doctor, sailor etc.

5) Funny Character- If you are a soft fun loving person, then you can dress up as a joker telling jokes creating a humorous environment. One can even try mascot costume to wear a new appearance. Mascot costumes like those resembling to bunny, roaring lion, Dalmatian, snowman are already finding acceptance among the people.     
Halloween is the best time to imitate the person you always wanted to be. For example if you are studious and always wanted to resemble Einstein, then it’s the best time to look like Einstein using the similar costumes and hair wigs. Even your parents would be happy to see you like that. If you are a group of friends looking to celebrate the Halloween together, then you can always choose your favorite movie character and act their roles from the movie. As a family, one can also try group costume like toy story group costume, batman villains costume, ninja turtle costumes etc.