Plan your very own Outdoor Caribbean Theme Party!

With the summer season approaching, one can look forward to cool parties, barbecues and the likes. The summer vacations mean that kids can join in on the fun. The hot weather is the perfect excuse to just laze around and have get-togethers with friends and family. One just needs to step out in the evening and see for themself, a few dozen lawn-parties happening in the neighborhood! From our experience, the best kinds of parties are the ones that have a particular theme to them. If you're thinking of throwing your own party, may we suggest a Caribbean theme?

Caribbean or Hawaiian or simply beach themed parties are extremely popular and promise loads of fun. The best venue for such parties is the lawn or the outdoors, for there you can put up lots of themed decorations and it also allows you to invite a large no of people. For an outdoor Caribbean theme party, you will need decorations such as palm tree inflatables or centerpieces. But all that comes later, the first thing you will need is invitation cards. After all, properly inviting the guests is the most important thing!

Caribbean Theme Invitations 

Invitation Cards lets your guests know that their attendance is very much required as well as appreciated. It also allows a means to give the details of the party in a more formal way, one that is written and not likely to be forgotten. For a Hawaiian or Caribbean Themed party, invitation cards related to beaches and islands are ideal.

Check out these 2 invitation cards. The first one, Tropical Invitation Cards are simple and get the theme across. The second one, the Bottle Invitations are more fun and very unique. You have to fill in the pre-printed invitations and then roll them up, dropping them into the little bottles that contain sand and flowers. You can then cork them up, before handing them to your guests. Your guests will definitely love these Bottle Invitations.

Caribbean or Hawaiian Themed Props

An outdoor party needs its fair share of props so that the theme is properly conveyed. In this case, that is for a Caribbean theme party, you will need props like palm tree inflatables, coolers and tiki heads.
Check these out:

Inflatable Palm Tree Beverage Cooler


Performing the dual function of keeping your drinks chilled and adding the Caribbean flavor to the party, this Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler is a must-have! You really can't get more beachy or Caribbean than a palm tree, right?

This Palm Tree Cooler is 6' tall and has a cooler section at the base. The cooler can hold up to 30 - 12-ounce cans. 

Flaming Tiki Head


A majestic Flaming Tiki Head, towering at a height of 12'' will add the much-desired Hawaiian touch to the celebrations. The light given off by the artificial flame helps to add a nice glow to the festivities.

This Tiki Head is made of plastic and measures 12.75" high and 8.5" wide. It requires 4 AA Batteries or any UL approved AC Adapter (not included).

Bamboo Limbo Set 


What would a beach party be without the customary limbo games? Shaking to funky music and trying to up one another on who can go the lowest, it can't get any more fun than that! Lucky for you, this limbo set contains everything you need to throw the most happening limbo games, which everyone can enjoy. 

This Limbo Set contains- one 72'' limbo stick, two 72'' poles with pegs and one limbo music CD.

Photo Props

Photo props are much loved by adults and children alike. They add a touch of frivolity and whimsy to the occasion. Check out these 2 Photo Props.

The Surfer Dude Photo Prop is clearly for the guys and features a surfer riding a wave. It measures 24.75" tall X 37.5" wide. The Hula Girl Photo Prop features a hula girl against the background of a beautiful sunset. It measures approximately 37" wide x 25" high.

Tropical Beach Themed Table Decorations

Food forms an integral part of any celebration and it is a good idea to make sure that it is presented well. For a Caribbean theme party, we have table decorating kits, palm tree centerpieces and others to choose from. 

Luau Table Decorating Kit

Decorate your table with this cool Luau Table Decorating Kit. Transforming your table into one that looks as if it was just plucked  out of a beach hut was never so easy!

This Kit includes one bamboo-patterned plastic tablecover that measures 54" high x 108" wide and one Plastic Grass Table Skirt that measures 54" high x 108" wide.

Palm Tree Centerpiece


Nothing says beachy like a palm tree centerpiece placed in the center of the table! Your guests will definitely love this leafy centerpiece. 

This green foil centerpiece is 18" high and fits inside an included plastic base.

Drink Hula Skirts

Give your drinks a makeover or rather a Hawaiian theme makeover with these hula skirt bands.  Each hula skirt can fit a bottle or beverage can with its elastic band that is adorned with red, yellow, and white flowers. Each flower boasts of a pretty seashell that lies in its center. 

These Hula skirts are available in packs of 4 and come in 4 different colors (yellow, pink, purple, and green). Each skirt measures 3.5" wide x 3.5" high.

Coconut Cups


Get the feel of a real beach party with these authentic looking coconut cups. Each cup is made of plastic and comes with a cover and an attached tropical flower.

Hawaiian Themed Clothing 

The best party of a Caribbean theme party or a simple beach style party is that you can come wearing anything you like. Beach shorts, flip-flops, the more comfortable the better it is. However, you can go for some pieces of clothing that are not only comfortable but would also go along with the theme of the party. Hula skirts, flower garlands are some good examples.

Grass Green Hula Skirt


Feel like a true Hawaiian beauty by donning this Grass Hula Skirt. It fits most adults.

This skirt is 31'' wide and 28'' long.

White/Red Flower Garland


Flower garlands, apart from adding to the whole Caribbean theme, add a touch of elegance to the occasion. They also contribute to the whole 'let's party' atmosphere.

This Garland is a 40'' silk/polyester piece which boasts of yellow/white and red hibiscus flowers.

Rose Accented Hula Skirt


This brown hula skirt boasts of beautiful rose accents. It is available in Adult One-Size Fits Most, 31"W x 28" L.

The Rose Coconut Bikini Top is available separately. Click here!

Well, what're you waiting for? Get started planning your very own outdoor Caribbean theme party and invite all your friends, family and neighbors. Have fun and let us know in the comments, how much of a success it was!