Iron Man Costumes & Accessories- Join the excitement over upcoming movie, Iron Man 3!

With Iron Man 3 hitting the theatres in May, the summer blockbuster pre-release hype has gripped the nation. Not just moviegoers but even fans of Marvel's Iron Man comics are eager to see the movie. A sight you can be sure to witness at the upcoming movie release is that there will be hordes of ticket-holders dressed up as their favorite superhero and we're talking about kids and adults alike! So, why don't you join in on the fun? If you're fans of the franchise and of partying, a great idea to celebrate the upcoming movie release is to throw an Iron Man themed costume party. You can invite all your friends who are also fans of the movie franchise and it can prove to be a great night for all (the ones who made the invitation list, that is!).

At, we offer a huge variety of Iron Man Themed Costumes and Costume Accessories. Be it for adults or kids, you will definitely find something to your liking. In costumes, there is choice between muscle costumes, bodysuits and simple printed t-shirts. In costume accessories, you can find gloves and helmets to compliment your outfit. There are also cute handbags that the ladies will definitely love. Let's start by taking a look at the costumes.

Adult Costumes

Tony Stark was a very stylish man and this was even more apparent when he donned the Iron Man Suit, after all which superhero can boast of such a shiny red & gold funky costume! This type of cool style can even be found in all the Iron Man Costumes, which we can assure you are the best looking out of all the superhero themed outfits.

You can choose from shiny bodysuits, costumes which boast of the chest plate and a muscular look and casual t-shirts that come with matching mask. We even have the rare female Iron Man Costume or rather, Iron Woman Costume!

Iron Man Muscle Costume

iron_man_themed_costume_suit_tony stark

Boasting of a muscular chest and biceps along with toned abs, there really isn't a hotter looking costume than this one. You will definitely catch the eyes of the ladies when you wear this costume at any party. It includes a jumpsuit and helmet.
This costume is also available in Plus Size.

Iron Man Bodysuit Costume


If wearing an authentic albeit bulky costume is not your thing, then this Iron Man Bodysuit would be a perfect fit for you. It includes a bodysuit that comes with attached hood, gloves and socks.
This costume also comes in Plus Size.

Iron Man 2- War Machine Costume


If you happen to be a big fan of Iron Man 2, then you will love this War Machine Muscle Costume. It includes a jumpsuit and mask.

Iron Man Shirt and Mask Costume


If wearing full-length costumes is a put-off for you and we're sure that lots of men will agree, then this set of T-shirt and Mask will be a great choice for you. The printed T-shirt when matched with the mask creates a pretty cool Iron Man look and is extremely comfortable. Moreover you can use this T-shirt without the mask as a normal T-shirt for everyday use, talk about a bonus!

Iron Woman Costume


Just like Superman could always rely on Supergirl in the comic book world, Iron Man too may need some female assistance. So ladies, what do you say about accompanying your boyfriend to the party while wearing this sexy Iron Woman Costume? It includes a dress and eye mask.

Kid Costumes

If you're throwing an Iron Man themed party at home and said home boasts of a kid or 2, then you really need to make them a part of the celebrations. Nothing looks cuter than father and son dressed up in matching superhero costumes. provides a range of iron Man themed toddler and kid costumes, which your children are sure to love.

Iron Man Toddler Costume


Little boys are the biggest fans of all things superhero, be it comic books, movies or TV shows. Your kid will definitely go crazy over this Iron Man Costume, which includes a jumpsuit and headpiece.

Iron Man Light-up Child Costume


Boys will be boys and boys are super-crazy about crime busting vigilantes. This Iron Man Costume boasts of a super-cool light up chest just like the one Robert Downey Jr. had, in the 2 movies. It includes a jumpsuit (muscle torso and arms), attached light-up chest, mask and 3 batteries.

Iron Man 2 Whiplash Costume


Who can forget the menacing Ivan Vanko AKA Whiplash, portrayed superbly by Mickey Rourke in Iron Man 2? This movie character also gathered a huge fan following and if your son is one on them, then he will love this Whiplash Costume. It includes a chest piece and faux whips.

Iron Man Costume Accessories

Gloves, helmet and a sling bag are just some of the cool Iron Man Themed Accessories found on our site. Take your pick and accessorize your outfits, for what is sure to be an awesome party!

Iron Man Gloves


Accessorize your Iron Man outfit with a pair of matching gloves. This pair of red gloves is sure to add color to the celebrations!
This pair of gloves is also available for Kids- Child Iron Man Gloves.

Although your Iron Man costume comes with its own mask or helmet, this helmet is a good idea if you don't want to go for a costume. Wearing a simple t-shirt and this helmet alongside, you will be ready for the party!

Iron Man Sling Bag

iron_man_printed_bag_for women

All the female fans of the Iron Man movies will love this sporty sling bag. You can fit all your books, make-up, keys and what not in this bag; no worries about loosing stuff anymore!

The Iron Man movies are full of adventure and excitement; try to instill that spirit into your own party celebrations. Hopefully, by reading this article, you got some good ideas for the costumes that you may want to go for. You can visit for the full range of Iron Man themed costumes and accessories. Do let us know in the comments, how your party went!