How to do easy makeup for your theme parties?

What makes a great Party? As a host, choosing a perfect theme for the guests, decorating your place with the matching decorative items and as a guest, one must come dressed in the matching theme outfits. Theme parties are the best occasion for adding sizzle to your everyday makeup look and show your creativity. It’s time when you can wear your favorite bright makeup colors, add shimmer cosmetics and play up your eyes.

The makeup & outfits depends upon the theme of the party you are planning to attend. Every theme demands different outfits and the matching make up. For example if it is a  pool party, the makeup needs waterproof makeup while a scary theme party demands the entirely different facial makeup. Makeup tips for some of the themes have been mentioned below-

Pool theme party-

Waterproof makeup is a must have item for pool parties, even if you’re not swimming. That’s because waterproof makeup is essentially outdoor makeup and can hold up in the elements whether it’s hot, windy or misty. You can even spray on makeup foundation that’s waterproof. Use waterproof eye shadow with shimmer in it. Great eye makeup colors for this type of event are gold, bronze, blue, green and light violet shimmer makeup. There’s a blue eye shadow for everyone.
Alien Theme Party-
We are still figuring out how do Aliens look like? What kind of outfits do they wear? So hosting a alien theme party is still like a open ended question!  Anything you try, be it a altogether different costume or application of facial make up, it will match the theme. To look unique, one can try coloring his face with light blue/green color, lips colored white with black eye lashes. One can also try different face masks available that glow in the dark with the solid color dresses.
Princess Theme Party-
Princess theme party is one of the royal theme that everyone would like to participate in. Starting from the outfit, costume accessories to the facial makeup, everything needs to be royal. Kids can wear light colored sparkling costume, a diamond necklace with tiara over the head. Simple facial makeup will go with the theme. Boys can try long gowns with a crown on the head. An artificial sword will add to the personality.
Scary Gothic and Vampire Theme -
Scary theme parties are generally hosted around the Halloween time and these are among the most awaited one. Getting ready for scary theme party involves using makeup colors in best combination. One can use white color on the face and dark color on the lips. To look scarier, one can try glowing horns on the head along with using animated props to complement the dress.

TV Movie Party Theme-

We all have a great desire to be like our roll models and yes we can fulfill this on TV Movie Party theme parties. These are generally hosted around the Halloween. A different hair style and makeup can transform a simple outfit into a fancy dress party success. As early as now you have to decide the character you are on that big day. Are you trying to be a good character or someone who is hated? Would you like to be someone appealing or scary, gross and shocking? Some are easy makeup ideas while some would require enough time. It is completely your choice if you want to do it yourself or have a professional makeup artist do it on you just in case you've intended enough budgets for this year’s party. Yes, some Halloween Makeup Tutorials have been generously provided on YouTube while Halloween makeup kits are sold to make your life easier. The ideas can come from anywhere – just turn to the Internet, for starters. Choose from current, popular movies like The Avengers or 'Twilight'. And this year, dressing up as a character from 'Titanic' will be extremely popular because this is the 100th anniversary of the tragedy. In a nutshell, it’s not only about selecting the best theme for your party but the active participation of the guests too that will make the party a grand success.

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